Sinister goals behind politicised accusations

Politicised accusations have been one of the cheap tools used by the US and its allies to achieve the sinister objectives of their conspiracy against Syria, especially as Syrian people and army foiled the conspiracy and exposed the dirty role of the US and its allies.

These accusations have been escalated during the past few days for several reasons, especially with regard to the alleged use of chemical weapons. The first and most important reason behind these accusations was the great progress realised by the Syrian Arab army in clearing vast areas of Takfiri terrorist groups eliminating scores of terrorists and inflicting heavy losses upon them. This is what prompted the armed groups to use chemical weapons with the aim of making gains by blaming it on the Syrian Army.  In light of the great victories of the Syrian armed forces and the humiliating defeats of the armed terrorist groups, the Syrian Army can't possibly be desperate or suicidal in order to use chemical weapons; these weapons were used by the armed groups as an act of provocation and frustration.

Another important reason for such fabricated allegation was to prolong the crisis, prevent the convening of the Geneva conference and block any peaceful settlement of the crisis in Syria. The West supports the Geneva conference in words but indeed it sends sophisticated weapons to the terrorists in Syria to kill innocent Syrian people and devastate their public and private properties. Chemical weapons couldn't have reached terrorists in Syria without Washington's approval and facilitations, and the terrorists wouldn't have used these weapons if the US didn't give them the green light to do so. The chemical weapons card is currently being played because the US and their allies are losing their proxy war on Syria.

The third reason was to distract the UN investigation team from its original mission according to the agreement signed between the UN and the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry.

Syria has clear-cut evidence on the use of chemical weapons by the armed terrorist groups through eyewitnesses and soil and air samples. There's an attempt to divert the committee from its tasks and mission because it has sites to visit and evidence to go through, and the attempts to disrupt the committee shows dissatisfaction over the way Syria responded to this team and its complete cooperation with it, and this would explain why al- Ghouta incident took place on the first day of the committee's actual work.

The US didn't act when Khan al-Assal incident took place when Syria made an official complaint, addressing the UN and requesting a probe committee to investigate into the atrocious massacre perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups there. When the US and its regional and Arab allies realized that the ones who committed the crime in Khan al-Assal were armed terrorist groups, they tried to delay the committee and started hindering and procrastinating any agreement and talking about several areas and conditions.

What happened in Khan al-Assal proves that those who used chemical weapons there can use them anywhere else, and that the use of such weapons shows that the terrorist groups are feeling helpless and frustrated as they attempt to halt the Syrian Army's progress.


Al-Ghouta Crime: the Story of " Banner of Islam" Missiles

 Why the West and the US did not proceed ahead before the UN Security Council, in accusing the Syrian government  of using chemical weapons in Damascus Ghouta ?

Arab sources suggested  that   U.S. and Western missions have  had received news  on a chemical bombardment operation  , not officially circulated , but supported and evidenced  by Russian documents and images taken by satellites for  the battlefield , and the Ghouta area .

During a meeting for the UN Security Council on Thursday, August 22, the Russian delegation presented its documents  and  during the same  meeting the Americans did not file any documents that  contradict the Russian ones , on the ground that American satellites have reached  similar conclusions, and because one  party in the opposition fired  the two rockets.

Meantime, Syria 's representative to the UN  Bashar Jaafari returned from Damascus to New York immediately carrying  the evidence that  supports the  Russian documents . According to informed sources, the Western hesitance  to direct charges against  the Syrian government  , and only  confined to claims to expand the investigation ,was  because  of  the images delivered by the Russians  for two rockets launched  from Douma area at 1.35 a. m Thursday  .

Besides,  it was noticed  that the Western countries did not resort to the adoption of the terms of reference of their own, but to  statements  by  leaders of the Syrian opposition coalition in holding the  Syrian authorities responsible for the operation .

The  Russians said  that the two  rockets which  are domestically  manufactured and  carrying chemicals, were fired  from the area controlled by «the banner of Islam», led by Zahran Allouch ,  one of the most notorious  forces of the armed opposition in Ghouta,  where it is reported that  nearly 25 thousand terrorists are distributed between Irbin , Zamalka ,  Saqba , Kafar Batna ,Ein Tarma and al-Madameya . The two rockets aimed at responding to the 'shield of the city', operation which was  the largest military operation carried out by the Syrian army on the outskirts of the capital Damascus , since the start of the conflict. One rocket landed in Jobar near the old town, while the second rocket landed in an area situated between Irbeen and Zamalka.

The Syrian army artillery had begun preliminary  shelling at one after midnight  , while the tanks and infantry troops, were prepared  to move at six  in the morning towards Jobar  in particular, targeting  the positions  " the Front of opening the Capital  ».

However,  13 terrorist battalions were  united in the region and put themselves under the command of «al-Nusra Front » to fight the Syrian Arab  army. These battalions  included the  brigades of  «Haroun al-Rashid», «Swords of Truth», «Immigrants» and «al-Ansar», and «Abu Zer al- Ghaffari», and « Brigades Jesus the son of Mary 'and' Sultan Muhammad the Conqueror ', and'  the shield of  al-Cham,  'Jobar Martyrs' and the  'glory of the Caliphate'.

According to identical  sources,  the  forces  of  the «front of opening the  capital» which have been fighting on Jobar front, began to withdraw from the high-rise buildings near the  Abbasids garage, and the end of Fares Khoury street , just after one a. m.  and  before the fall of the chemicals,   far away from the goals of the army  launchers and artillery, while the « Ansar al-Islam Brigade" forces  gathered  in Duma,  which has   the largest  population in the Ghouta.

The sources explained  the speedy withdrawal of the  opposition forces  towards the rear lines as attributed to few casualties among the  combatants, in comparison  to the large numbers of dead civilians.

According to identical  sources , the Syrian army pre-empted operations that  were prepared by these   groups to infiltrate into the capital across al-Maidan area , and to proceed to besiege the Syrian  army in the south of the capital on the front of   the Black Stone ( al-Hajar al-Aswad)   , Yalda and al- Qadam , with forces of the second and fourth contingents of the so-called  «Free Syrian  Army".

Observers suggest that  Terrorists launching of  chemicals  and demanding  the international investigation team to enter  the region aimed foremost to stop the Syrian military operation against these terrorists .


T. Fateh 

Internal strife, enemy’s deadliest weapon

The coward terrorist acts that rocked the Lebanese city of Tripoli yesterday claiming the lives of 42 people with more than 500 wounded are not separate from last week’s criminal blast that took place in the Southern suburb of Beirut.

The nasty hands that committed the heinous crimes in Tripoli are the same ones behind the criminal blast that rocked Beirut's southern suburb last week. Moreover, the two terrorist bombings are not aloof from what is going on in Syria, Iraq and Egypt as the Pro-US-Zionist projects in the region are trying to sow sectarian sedition and drag it into a state of chaos and destruction to implement political and economic plans that serve Israel and its allies. So, Tripoli and Beirut awful bombings cannot be separated from what is happening in Egypt where the Muslim Brotherhood members are committing savage massacres in the name of religion. They are not also detached from the situation in Syria where the Saudi-Qatari-backed takfiri groups are perpetrating heinous crimes with the aim of inciting sectarian wars that can achieve the sinister goals of the US and its allies. These savage crimes cannot also be isolated from the explosions and bombings that are taking place in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities claiming the lives of scores of innocent people daily. The weapons being used in such terrorist attacks inside Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Egypt have been paid for, and supplied by, the US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, France, the UK, and the Israelis.

Tripoli’s terrorist explosions are a continuation of the project that aims to drag Lebanon and the whole region into chaos and destruction, and accomplish the hateful objectives of the Zionist enemy and all the states which stand behind it. The explosions aimed to prompt the Lebanese people to fight internally under religious and sectarian titles, which serves the hypocrite regional-international project that wants to divide the region and drown it in seas of blood and fire, and the only beneficiary will be Israel and its allies. The sole purpose of such atrocious acts is to keep the Middle East in turmoil and in a constant state of war so that colonialist objectives can be achieved easily.

This terrorist, Takfiri, criminal and aggressive war which is led by hostile counties, including Arab and regional tools such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, aim to weaken the Arab region and end the axis of resistance through enticing internal sectarian conflicts that devastate the whole region and make it an easy target for Israel and its allies.

The internal strife is the deadliest weapon used by Israel and US and their tools in the region which have Takfiri mentality in a bid to stir up internal conflicts that aim to deflect the national resistance away from the battle with Israel. There is no doubt that this is an act of Israelis and its affiliate terror organizations, its main aim is to start sectarian conflicts to weaken the resistance movement in Lebanon and Syria.


Premeditated act of deception

It is not the first time for the scenario of chemical weapons to be fabricated by the armed terrorist groups and their supporters at the time when UN committees were visiting Syria. The timing of the new scenario aims to distract the attention of the UN experts currently visiting Syria from the objectives of their mission, because if the experts continue their work, facts will be disclosed about the armed groups’ use of internationally-banned chemical weapons in Khan al-Asal and other areas.

The visit of the UN team comes upon the invitation of the Syrian government and by an agreement between the UN and Foreign and Expatriates Ministry. It is the Syrian government that invited the UN to investigate the use of chemical weapons in Khan al-Assal area in Aleppo, because Syria has clear-cut evidence on the use of chemical weapons by the armed terrorist groups.

These lies and totally unfounded allegations have become well-known to the Syrian government and people, constituting an attempt to prevent the international investigation committee from carrying out its task and to influence the committee's report in a way that serves the armed terrorist groups and the countries standing behind them.

The channels of instigation and misleading, especially al-Jazeera and al-Arabiya, which are complicit in the bloodshed of Syrian people, started a feverish campaign yesterday claiming that the Syrian Arab Army was using toxic gases in al-Ghouta. Such null and void news is part of the global war being launched against Syria. It is not a coincidence that these allegations and this aggressive media attack started with the beginning of the UN experts’ mission on investigating chemical weapons use in Syria.  If the use of chemical weapons is true, it has definitely been carried out by terrorist and Takfiri groups, because they have proved in action that they refrain from no crime. 

In part, these baseless allegations aim to raise the armed terrorist groups’ morale in light of the humiliating defeats inflicted upon them by the Syrian Arab armed forces that are fulfilling national and constitutional duties of combating terrorism everywhere in Syria and protecting the Syrian people against the criminal acts of the armed terrorist groups. The cries of terrorists and their calls for aid accompany the fact that the armed forces are advancing on the ground, and also accompany the fabricated campaign waged by some channels in desperate bid to imbue false morale in the armed terrorist groups. These allegations by the terrorist groups and the satellite channels that support them are just a desperate bid to conceal their failures on the battlefield and reflect the state of hysteria and collapse that these terrorist groups are suffering.

Another sinister objective of the groundless and untrue allegations of using toxic gas by the Syrian Arab army is that the US and Saudi Arabia want to inflame the situation and obstruct the convening of Geneva conference as it is the case with the US stance which disavows its understanding with the Russian side with the aim of prolonging the crisis and hindering its peaceful solution.


Saudi oil proceeds to fund sectarian wars

Since the very beginning of the crisis in Syria, the princes of Al-Saud have been playing vicious and devastating role through exerting unceasing efforts to support armed terrorist groups to commit heinous crimes and savage atrocities against Syrian people.

The princes of Al-Saud have been putting their financial weight to achieve the sinister goal of inciting a sectarian war among the Syrian people. But thanks to the high awareness of the Syrian people and their commitment to the time-old peaceful co-existence among all spectra of society, the Saudi menacing attempts were a complete failure.

Moreover, the Foreign Minister of Al-Saud Saud al-Faisal claimed that supporting the armed groups in Syria is a religious duty whereas neither al-Faisal nor anyone of the Saudi ruling family have considered that arming the Palestinians in their struggle against Israeli occupation forces as a duty. On the contrary, they have been working to depress resistance acts and force the Palestinian Authority to accept the American Zionist agenda which perpetuates occupation through unilateral deals that do not meet the aspirations of the Palestinian people, especially with regard to the liberation of the occupied territories, the establishment of an independent Palestinian state and the repatriation of the Palestinian refugees to their indigenous homeland.

However, Al-Saud’s family did not feel despair and continued feverish attempts to destroy Syria, shed more Syrian blood and kill more Syrians. Recently, chief of the Saudi intelligence, Bander Bin Sultan, one of the main supporters of terrorists in Syria, paid a visit to Moscow with the aim of seducing the Russian leadership to change its attitude regarding the crisis in Syria. But Bander’s attempt was foiled as Russian president’s top foreign policy aide Yury Ushakov said that concrete questions about technical military cooperation were not discussed during the visit.

Another senior Russian official Vitaly Naumkin, Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies in Moscow, described Western media reports on a Saudi proposal to purchase arms from Moscow, as a kind of media disinformation that aims to blemish Russia's firm and balanced stand towards the crisis in Syria referring that this news is  nonsense aimed to either sway Syria's stance or, more probably, to tarnish Russia's reputation and raise doubts about the fact that Russia adopts a serious and rational stance on Syria.

The denial came after Reuters news agency said in a report that Saudi Arabia has offered Russia a package of economic incentives if Moscow agrees to scale back its support for Syria.

After his shameful defeat in Moscow and his failure to convince Russian leadership to change its unwavering stand towards the crisis in Syria, Bandar and his ilk started another nasty attempt to implement the American Zionist project against Syria. Saudi Arabia reportedly plans to use the proceeds from its recent oil production of 400,000 barrels-per-day to fund its supply of weapons to the armed groups waging war inside Syria, Iraq, Egypt and Lebanon.
The development comes amid reports by informed sources that Al Saud has put Bandar bin Sultan in charge of waging the domestic sectarian conflicts within the Arab countries.

As is the case of his previous wicked attempts, Syrian people will certainly foil Bandar’s new attempt thanks to their high awareness and strong determination to deter all conspiracies being hatched against their country.