Chemical Hallucination

The US administration is deliberating with the Congress the possibility of  waging a military action against Syria. It also mulls a limited short-term aggression, accusing the Syrian Arab army of allegedly using chemical weapons in  East Gouta in Damascus countryside.

Syria, who strenuously denies these accusations ,asserts by indelible evidence, that the armed terrorist groups are those who used chemical weapons. Therefore, Syria  clarifies to the public opinion the following points :

According to Syria, the aggression is an aggression whether it is one raid or more than one ,either intermittent or consecutive. So Syria has  legal and legislative rights to  defend  itself  against this aggression and deter

the perpetrators against it  by using its shield force .Not to go into details, many surprises will flabbergast the raiders.

Secondly, Syria  considers  the aggression against it as a bid by the West ,Gulf States, Turkey and to enable the terrorist groups to achieve  progress after having sustained enormous defeats owing to  the steadfastness of the Syrian Arab Army.

 These Wahhabi and Takfiri terrorists groups sent by al-Saud had been eliminated by the Syrian valiant army. The armed terrorists groups  want to destroy Syria and divide it aiming at weakening the state  to become a  docile doll by Western hands.

The heinous crimes perpetrated by the armed terrorists groups were manifested beyond doubt by destroying the infrastructure, mutilating bodies with machetes ,the thing that reflects the spitefulness of these terrorists groups and their supporters.

Peace-loving nations, who are  working for spreading peace in Syria and the region in general,  considered the U.S. aggression against Syria  a deliberate attempt to legalize the use of chemical weapons by the terrorist groups which are supplied by Saudi Arabia with large quantities of deadly sarin gas and  the  means of usage.

Certainly, the Syrian competent authorities  have  dozens of evidence to confirm that  al- Saud supplied the terrorists in Syria with the chemical weapons to be used against the Syrian Arab Army and people. This is what really happened and the Americans know and recognize the matter very  well.

Is the congress willing to follow his British counterpart who strongly rejects the aggression against Syria?

H. Shamout

Obama’s careless adventure deals serious blow to world order

The US has always been claiming that it is very keen on democracy, human rights and the principles of the international law, but in fact it is the most country in the world which takes unilateral actions that blatantly violate the UN charter and the basic principles of the international law.  Knowing before hand, that the UN Security Council will foil his devastating adventure to launch a military action against Syria, thanks to the existence of the wise and balanced policy of Russia and China which have been working for advocating a peaceful solution for the crisis in Syria, US President Barack Obama and his ilk are pressing ahead to recruit allies to support his reckless and irresponsible military move against Syria.

Obama and his aides should know that any military intervention in Syria will deal a serious blow to the entire system of world order. Military strikes on Syria without UN Security Council’s approval would damage the existing world order which is based on the Council. The military aggression on Syria  will be considered as an aggression on the UN member states and a direct intervention and violation of the sovereignty of states.

Such actions bypassing the UN Security Council will inflict huge damage to the system based on the central role of the UN, because they cancel the UN and its bodies to achieve US interests and the interests of its main ally in the region, Israel.

The US has no right to speak on behalf of the international community of the need for a military intervention in Syria.  It also has no right to speak on behalf of NATO which refuses to participate in combat operations and destroying Damascus.

The strategic mistakes of the American politicians in waging wars will shed the blood of innocent people and will cause huge losses at all levels.

The military aggression on Syria will be the worst mistake by the US and the West and will blow up the situation in the whole region as it may spread chaos in the Middle East and lead to destabilize the situation in the region.

Former US President Jimmy Carter warned Obama of the adverse consequences of such illegitimate war which will increase tension in the whole region and badly affect the UN and its institutions. Such an act will not bring a solution, but rather it would complicate the situation in the whole region. The US and its allies are taking steps to escalate the Syrian issue and increase tensions in an already volatile area.

These threats show Washington's disappointment over its failure to accomplish its goals and show that a political solution and the international conference on Syria in Geneva do not suit US, because it does not meet the sinister American Israeli agenda in the region. The US is seeking through these threats and any ensuing strikes to make an adjustment in the balance in power to give a better bargaining position for the armed terrorist groups. Events indicate that the arrogant and hostile countries have started their plots to ignite sedition and chaos in the region after they saw that the developments are not going to serve their interests anymore.

The West is seeking to target Syria as it is considered the main resistance front in the region. Any unilateral use of force behind the UN's back will thwart international efforts to reach a diplomatic political solution for the Syrian crisis, and will escalate the situation in the Middle East in a destructive manner, and the example of Libya is crystal clear where unilateral intervention caused grave repercussions.

This impudent action against Syria is part of a global geopolitical sabotage. Those who are encouraging war against Syria have to be held accountable for the loss of innocent lives and other catastrophic consequences of such irresponsible war.


US threats won’t weaken Syrians’ will

The US and Israel won't weaken the strong will and determination of Syrian people in their battle against Takfiri terrorism. The US along with regional and Arab conspirators on Syria started to prepare for a military strike after failing to implement their sinister plans by their criminal tools in Syria. After the enemies' tools in Syria failed to undermine the Syrians' steadfastness, they started a hectic campaign for a military intervention, but they are doomed to fail, thanks to the Syrians' high awareness and their valiant armed forces. The Syrians have always been steadfast in the face of the conspiracies and they have the right to defend themselves, their dignity and lands by using all means available.

Many countries are rushing to make threats of causing more war and destruction instead of paving the way for Geneva 2 conference to find a peaceful solution for the crisis based on conducting a comprehensive dialogue among all spectra of Syrian society.

Arab, regional and world countries have echoed threats and shown muscle-flexing against Syria. Such military escalation gives new evidence that these states have never been interested in the political settlement of the crisis. From the very beginning of the crisis, they have been supporting the armed terrorist groups with funds and weapons to commit criminal and sabotage acts against Syrian people and their public and private properties.

Syrian people are standing in the same trench with their great army in the face of any military aggression on Syria. The Syrian army and people are ready to confront any form of the military aggression on the country by the US and its allies, and they will decisively respond to the attack. The main loser in any war in the region is the side which starts it, because it does not realize the adverse consequences of such unilateral adventure which will enflame the region and brings more violence, bloodshed and devastation.

Syrian people fear no aggression and they would gain eventual victory against their enemies thanks to their steadfastness and the heroism of their brave armed forces.

Syria is exposed to a fierce attack which has not been witnessed by any country in the world waged by international Takfiri terrorism and financed by regional and Arab Gulf states, particularly Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey under the supervision of the USA which is fuelling the crisis in the country and foiling any political efforts because it adopted the fabricated accusations of the armed groups concerning the use of chemical weapons in Eastern Ghuta.

Such fierce attack targets Syria's role due to its rejection of the submission deals with Israel and its full support for the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine. The threats for launching an aggression on Syria aim at stopping the landslide victories which the Syrian army has achieved against the armed terrorist groups in several areas and to raise the morale of the terrorists after their humiliating defeats and the heavy losses inflicted upon them.

Syria restored dignity and pride for the Arab nation thanks to the steadfastness of its people and army in face of the international terrorism.

Syrian people are ready to confront the aggression, which is a reaction to the sweeping victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army against the armed terrorist groups, particularly in eastern Ghouta.


The world's foremost terrorist training ground

According to the British Times, the flow of foreign terrorist recruits into Syria has increased significantly in the past two or three months, according to diplomatic sources, analysts and members of the Syrian opposition.

Syria has replaced Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia as the favored training ground for jihadists and terrorists, counter-terrorism experts acknowledged. The presence of so many jihadists in Syria, some of them combat-proven militants from Iraq and Chechnya, poses the biggest challenge for the US and other countries who have decided to arm the opposition forces.

Keeping tabs on the flow of foreign fighters entering Syria across the Turkish border has been a challenge for Western intelligence agencies operating close to the Syrian frontier. "Hard and fast figures are difficult to come by, but it lies between a few thousand foreigners and a ceiling of around 10,000," a US source said.

The increase in foreign fighters in Syria is causing alarm among Western intelligence services because they fear that European jihadists will return to their own countries and plot terrorist strikes.

"Syria has become the predominant jihadist battlefield in the world," Matthew Olsen, director of the US National Counter-Terrorism Centre, has said. "There are individuals travelling to Syria, becoming further radicalized, becoming trained and returning as part of a global jihadist movement to Western Europe and, potentially, to the United States," he said.

There are underground networks in Turkish towns on the border with Aleppo and Raqqah," said Charles Lister, and When they arrive in Syria, they are deployed into three groups: Al-Nusra Front, or Jabhat al-Nusra, the main jihadist unit, allied to al-Qa'ida, and headed by Abu Mohammad al-Golani, a Syrian.  Jaysh al-Muhajirin wal Ansar, a multinational group of Islamist militants created under the leadership of Abu Omar al-Chechen, a Chechen who fought against the Russian army in Chechnya and to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), an al-Qa'ida-linked group led by Ibrahim al-Badri, also known as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Thus, the US and its affiliates are involved in a crazy war against Syrians. The anti-Syria countries are involved in the recruitment, training and arming the terrorist groups. The long awaited for political solution in Syria is indeed conditioned to a U turn change of policy by such countries.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Just withdraw from Middle East

"War is the greatest plague that can affect humanity; it destroys religion, it destroys states, it destroys families. Any scourge is preferable to it." Martin Luther

What would a strike against Syria achieve? It'll give Al-Qaeda a new base of operations as they'll be able to take over Syria. Where are Obamas' advisers? Are all the military advisers in the US that dumb? Haven't they learned from past experiences? What did half-assed military strikes against Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Mali, Libya and Somalia achieve? A failed state for Al-Qaeda to easily take over and an influx of innocent refugees that the US and the European Union refuse to take and leave to starve in the desert.

Oh I have no doubt that this attack was orchestrated by the Jihadists. Those people live to achieve only one thing, martyrdom. And they would do absolutely anything to achieve that.
“sacrifice” according to them, extends beyond the fighters themselves and includes anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in the middle of their struggle.
When asked about the indiscriminate innocent victims of their suicide bombings or shelling, your typical Islamist will generally shrug and say, "If they were true Muslims, they are now in heaven," as if they’re performing an actual favor for the victims. And from that thought, I have no doubt that the attack was by a Jihadist group.

However this attack is draconian,   please anyone tell me who killed 85 children in Hawla in Homs ?? or who rapped women and girls in front of their parents in Homs , in Baba Amro , or Karm El Zeyton ??? who shelled Scud missiles against Aleppo and Idlib and other cities , and killed thousands of innocent people in Damascus ????

Why is the International community concentrating on the "Chemical" and not the massacre itself? People are dying in hundreds every day. Those who commit those massacres need to be stopped, west is not waiting the result of chemical attack, because they know who did it, but they are looking for an excuse to kill us, why?

Aren't we human, Haven't we human eyes? Haven't we human hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions? Fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, healed by the same means, warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer, as any Human is? If you shell us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die?

The people in Syria, in one mouth, saying to you:"hands off Syria" in what world does bombing a country, on the pretext of bringing peace make sense? We have seen what had happened in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, they have more and more terrorists, more explosions, more killing of civilians, ongoing tragedies are obvious, it is the result of America's wars, Foreign military intervention in Syria is unacceptable, If you did, we all will become soldiers to defend our country, the bloodshed will not solve any problem, soon our army will declare victory against Western-backed terrorists, if you want to help us, just take off  your terrorists, try to educate them, help them to behave as human beings, and withdraw from  Middle East, otherwise wars will go forever.

At last I say as Noam Chmsky said “The number of people killed by the sanctions in Iraq is greater than the total number of people killed by all weapons of mass destruction in all of history.” So who is the terrorist?


Butheina Al-Nounou