An Eye on the Extent

 An Eye on the Extent

“Together for a Sweetest Extent”

“An Eye on the Extent", is a health development project due to be carried out in Lattakia from 18 February to 11 March by Al-Mada Association in collaboration  with  the MED-volunteer medical team.  The project targets school students in the poor neighborhoods  that suffer a large percentage of school dropout . Students will undergo an optical checkup  in their schools by the Med-volunteer team then children who need treatment will be sent to volunteer doctors. The cases of the students will be  followed up every six months by the association.

To learn more about Al-Mada  activities in general and  about “An Eye on The Extent” project in particular, The Syria Times e-newspaper interviewed Mrs. Rasha Khairbek, Head of Al-Mada Society, who said : "Our society is a social development society that deals with several serious  issues including school dropout, juvenile employment and early marriage.

Sen. Richard Black to ST: Poison Gas Claims Have always Been False, but Used to Justify War

The US Senator Richard Hayden Black has affirmed that the allegations of Sarin gas have been long used as pretext to justify war, ruling out a full and open attack against Syria by the United States that use "Kurds" to split up the country.

In an interview with the Syriatimes e-newspaper, the Senator said: “The CIA, MI-6 [The Secret Intelligence Service in UK] and other Coalition intelligence agencies make claims of poison gas whenever they need to prop-up public support for military action. The claims have always been false, but the Secretary of Defense just stumbled and admitted that they were false.”

Rural Women Empowerment One of Priorities of Syrian Government Development Programs

The Syrian government is keen on adopting strategic national plans and procedures to strengthen and boost Syrian women's participation in the country's development process.

Rural women empowerment has been one of the top priorities of the development program of the Syrian government.  This was crystallized in the government's commitment to consolidating rural woman's role as key partner in all aspects of life.

Israel Tries to Save Face after Strong Slap from Syrian Army

The Zionist enemy [Israel] is working now on avoiding humiliation after receiving a strong slap because of its wrong assessment of Syria’s military and political situation. It has to keep into consideration that the rules of engagement have changed and the response of Syrian army to the enemy’s today aggression on Syria is a military, political and strategic decision.  

This viewpoint was made clear by both military and strategic expert, retired BGen. Haitham Hassoun and the Member of Parliament Dr. Ahmad Mer’ei in separate statements to the Syriatimes e-newspaper.

“The Syrian army’s response to the Zionist acts of aggression is the beginning of a new phase of conflict with the Zionist enemy and the countries that support terrorist groups in Syria because it widely opens the door to dangerous possibilities including an open war with Israel,” the retired Brigadier-General Hassoun said.

Iran’s Ambassador in Damascus Says His Country Will Powerfully Participate in Rebuilding Syria

The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Syria Javad Torkabadi has reiterated that his country will continue to support Syria in confronting the global aggression being launched against it since 2011 and it will powerfully participate in rebuilding it.

During an interview with several Syrian media outlets, including the Syriatimes e-newspaper, at the headquarters of the Iranian embassy in Damascus on Thursday, the ambassador made it clear that Syria and Iran enjoy deep-rooted relations and Iran has provided Syria with all available types of support including consultations since the beginning of the aggression on it.