Ex-Turkish Official to ST: All Terrorist Groups in Syria Are ‘Soldiers of Israel and U.S.’

Former Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Abdullatif Şener has affirmed that all terrorist groups in Syria are the soldiers of Israel and the United States and they are committing evil acts against the Syrian people to serve the interest of hostile countries.

He told the Syriatimes e-newspaper on Tuesday that Turkey's government supports the so-called ‘Free Syrian Army’ and some other armed groups in Syria, but it hasn't officially acknowledged its support for al-Nusra Front [Jabhat al-Nusra].

SSNP Politburo Member to ST: Sochi Congress Must be Based on Current Military Developments in Syria

A delegation composed of three members of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP) held last week talks with the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov in Moscow.

The two-hour talks zeroed in on Sochi congress due to be held by the end of this month and the Turkish military aggressions on Syrian territories, according to the SSNP’s Politburo Member Dr. Ahmad Mer’ei, who made it clear that the delegation visited Moscow at the invitation of Russian Foreign Ministry.

MP Bashar Yazigi to ST: Syrian-Brazilian Diplomatic Relations to be Expanded

Expanding diplomatic relations between Syria and Brazil is one of the key outcomes of the recent visit paid by Brazilian parliamentary delegation to Syria, Bashar Yazigi, a Syrian Member of Parliament told the Syriatimes e-newspaper on Sunday.

The MP said that a Brazilian ambassador will be appointed as soon as possible in Damascus and this will cement the relations between Syria and Brazil, which is one of the BRICS members.

“The appointment of Brazilian ambassador to Syria will help reactivate parliamentary relations," Yazigi, who chairs the Syrian-Brazilian Friendship Association in the People’s Assembly [parliament] stressed.

Retired BGen to ST: Terrorist Groups and Their Operators Have Failed to Change Balance of Power on Ground

Military and strategic expert, retired Brigadier-General Haitham Hassoun has underscored that the failure of terrorist groups and their operators in Ghouta battle has undermined their plot to make the Syrian state offer concessions in Geneva and Astana talks and to move its forces from the main fronts in Idlib and in the south and west of Damascus.

 He told the Syriatimes newspaper that the terrorist groups and their operators sought to force the Syrian army to leave Eastern Ghouta of Damascus and to connect defense lines between Mdira, Erbin and Harasta areas to reach Damascus-Homs road in order to create a new situation on the ground to put further pressure on Syria during Astana and Sochi talks.

Iran and Another Failed Soft Coup Attempt from the United States

To the great frustration of the US government, the situation in Iran is back to normal following a recent wave of protests, some of which were peaceful and called for economic reforms and some others turned violent in a number of Iranian cities because of US and Saudi-backed gangs that took over the initiative in some cities and destroyed and damaged public and private property. The aim was to ignite civil unrest that leads to mass demonstrations to take over the Iranian government. Millions of Iranians reacted to this unrest by showing their support for their leaders and political system through daily demonstrations.

In a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper, Kris Janssen, a Belgian Consultant and Political Analyst in Middle Eastern and North African Political Affairs, explained the situation in Iran and talked about the objectives of the US-backed scheme against the country.