Iran’s participation Pivotal

Iran’s participation in Geneva Conference contributes to its success. The Islamic Republic of Iran has been a key player and a pivotal state on the regional and international arenas over the past three decades. So, it is illogical to exclude it from Geneva 2 Conference, because the US, Saudi Arabia and the armed groups do not want it to take part in the event. There is an absolutely apparent need for the participation of Iran in the conference, and foreign powers should not set preconditions for its participation.

The upcoming Geneva II conference on the Syria crisis will yield better results with the Islamic Republic of Iran’s participation, and its presence in it can pave the way for resolving the crisis in Syria. The United States and the foreign-backed opposition are against Iran’s participation in the negotiations, because they want to weaken its regional role, especially following the success of the Iranian diplomacy to strike a deal with the West on the Iranian nuclear file that preserves its right to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. The United States and its Western allies should support Tehran’s attendance in the event if they truly want the peace talks to be fruitful and if they truly want to find a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria. Iran’s participation will be fruitful because it is able to affect a settlement to the crisis in Syria as a prominent regional country.

If Iran attended or if it did not, Iran's position will not be affected as its regional position and international role have never been related to its presence or absence from Geneva 2. UN Secretary-General spokesperson, Martin Nesirky, announced that the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon sees that Iran’s participation in Geneva 2 conference on Syria is useful. The Holy See also called for the participation of all regional sides in the upcoming conference highlighting the importance of Iran’s participation in particular.

Tehran is ready to take part in the Geneva II talks if invited and without any preconditions. Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif stressed the importance of Iran’s participation in Geneva 2 conference with no preconditions. Zarif affirmed that his country will continue exerting efforts to achieve stability in the region whether it's invited to the international conference on Syria or not.

Imposing any sort of preconditions for paving the ground for dialogue among the political parties in Syria will not help reaching a political solution to the crisis. Tehran rejects any preconditions on its participation in Geneva 2. Iran should be invited to the upcoming Syria talks without preconditions, because preconditions for Tehran’s involvement in the event are illogical and unconstructive.

Counterterrorism is expected to top the list of the conference's agenda after a common realization of the danger of terrorists' influx to Syria, having constituted a world terrorism network that threatens the security of the region and the whole world. For this reason, before inviting states such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, the US and the international community should ask these states to halt its political, media and military support for the armed terrorist groups which are committing atrocious massacres against Syrian people and their public and private properties.


Some Western Media Negative Role

At least four British men have been killed while fighting alongside al-Qaeda-linked terrorists in Syria, British media reported. The Times said in a report on Thursday that three of the British nationals were killed in August as their group attacked the Syrian government forces near the northern city of Aleppo. The men are believed to be from London. The fourth Briton was killed two weeks later while trying to ambush a Syrian army position.

The daily said the men were part of 10 British extremists who joined up with 20 other UK nationals to fight alongside the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front.

According to the British intelligence agency MI5, between 200 and 300 young British men have moved to Syria to fight against the majority of the Syrians. The intelligence agency also raised concerns that the British militants would recruit new converts to their cause or even launch attacks in the UK. "Some of those who went out in the early stages of the conflict have been able to return to Britain, radicalize others, and go back to Syria with others in tow," The Times quoted a security source as saying.

According to reports, the Western powers and their regional allies -- especially Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey -- are supporting the terrorists operating inside the country.

Extracts from British defense consultancy, IHS Jane’s, published in Daily Telegraph in September, show that some 100,000 militants are fighting in Syria. The militants have split into some 1,000 brands since the Syria crisis began, said the study, which is based on intelligence estimates and interviews with militants.

Meanwhile, western media outlets reported, according to American intelligence officials,  that dozens of Americans have traveled or tried to travel to Syria to fight with the terrorists since 2011. The Americans are a small subset of the mostly radicalized young Muslims with Western passports who are entering Syria from Europe, North America and Australia.

Actually, western media outlets not only report the news about foreign terrorists, but mourn the death of other terrorists. For example, the New York Times mourned the death of Al Qaeda-linked Syrian opposition fighter, Abdulkader al-Saleh, the leader of al-Qaeda affiliated al—Tawhid, as ''Pragmatic… Leader''. Thus, some of these outlets are indeed part of the ongoing crisis as means of disinformation, fabrication, lies.



Syrian Army's victory nearing, conspiracy in last chapter

The heralds of victory by the Syrian Arab Army are getting closer as the conspiracy against Syria is now in its last chapter. The Syrian Arab Army is achieving advance in confronting terrorism on all areas around the country through qualitative operations that eliminated many terrorist dens and gatherings. The field scene has changed and there will be no turning back. The advance achieved by the army can be observed on the ground and through the statements of the foreign leaderships backing terrorism, as they talk about the collapse of the terrorism project against Syria. The armed terrorist groups will definitely be crushed by the Syrian army, and those mercenaries will not weaken Syrian people’s determination and faith in victory.

The unity of the Syrian people is stronger than all sabotage acts. Despite all their sabotage and terrorist acts, the terrorists will not succeed in shaking the civil peace that has marked Syria for so long. The steadfastness of the Syrian people is stronger than terrorism which is targeting schoolchildren in their schools. The vindictive targeting of young children comes due to the severe blows that terrorists suffered at the hands of the Syrian army and security forces in several parts of the country.

The human values and international law are threatened of danger in light of the spread of international terrorism and the takfiri mentality if the UN will not move to confront that fatal mentality which tries to get the generations back to the ages of underdevelopment and illiteracy, as well as to the laws of women slavery.

More than two and a half year into the crisis, the achievements and services in Syria suffered a blow due to the methodical vandalism and deliberate destruction by armed terrorist groups, coupled with unfair economic embargo on the services sector by the countries backing these groups which cast a shadow on the Syrian citizens' livelihood.

It is very important at this stage to enhance the spirit of amity and tolerance among the Syrians to overcome the crisis. Syria will always embrace its entire people, including the mistaken when they decide to return to the right path. Syrians do not need to import religion or morality because their ancestors spread Islam and Christianity to the whole world.

 Syrian people do not need anyone to decide their destiny; the Syrians will not give up their dignity and will stay committed to the option of resistance.

The outside opposition holds its meetings in the Western cities and searching for whom to decide the fate of Syria on their behalf. More than 1,000 political and 150 religious TV channels are working to destroy Syria from within, and 83 states are sending their mercenaries to Syria for the same reason.

Syria is targeted for its firm pan-Arab principles and for supporting the Resistance to defend the rights and interests of the Arab Nation. The world will witness soon the victory of Syria over terrorism.


Savage crime serving Zionist project in the region

The coward terrorist crime that hit Beirut last Tuesday targeting the Iranian Embassy, claiming the lives of 23 civilians and wounding 146 others is similar to other previous crimes which are registered on the record of terrorism of some countries that are backing such extremist thoughts. The twin blasts are an inhumane crime and a spiteful measure by the Zionist regime and its mercenaries in the region.

The terrorist blast aims to explode the situation in Lebanon and plunge the whole region in internal sectarian conflicts that pave the way for the US and Israel to dominate the Arab region politically and economically. This terrorist crime targets the Resistance axis in the region to serve the interests of the Zionist entity which has become friends with some Arab regimes in the Gulf, especially Saudi Arabia and Qatar.  The terrorist thought, which is supported by Arab and western intelligence agencies, including the Israeli intelligence to implement the Zionist American project in the region, which aims, among other things, to weaken the resistance axis to perpetuate the Israeli occupation of the Arab territories, plunder Arab resources and revive old colonialist interests of Britain, France and the US. This coward attack reflects the involvement of terrorism makers and funders in the region and their insistence on spreading terrorism as behaviour, practice and a culture to undermine the region and its future and advocate divisions and sectarian wars among the peoples of the region. The Petro-dollar is smelled in the terrorism hitting the states of the region Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, because Bandar and his ilk were ordered by the US and Israel to press ahead with terrorist acts as the American Zionist project in the region was foiled thanks to the high awareness of Syrian people, the valiant Syrian armed forces and the adherence of the Lebanese national resistance to its noble principles. 

Certain countries in the region such as Saudi Arabia and some Gulf states and Israel want to promote the culture of terrorism and spread it in the region. Those who oppose a political solution to Syria are behind the terrorist attacks, because the political solution of the crisis in Syria means a humiliating defeat to the US and its regional and Arab tools who want to destroy Syria and end its pivotal role in the region. The states which claim to be fighting terrorism, especially the US and its allies are supporting terrorism in the region through offering huge funds to finance al-Qa’eda- linked terrorism fighting in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq and providing them with sophisticated weapons to achieve malignant political objectives.

The deadly twin bombings outside the Iranian Embassy in the Lebanese capital serve the interests of the Israeli regime in the region. The terrorist crime in Beirut comes in service of the Israeli enemy and its allies. It offers a direct service to the Israeli enemy and the states which are implementing the Zionist project in the region.

 However, the new savage crime will only increase the determination of the Lebanese national resistance and the peoples in the region to achieve their goal in defeating the Israeli-U.S. project in the region and liberating the occupied Arab territories.


Preconditions prolong crisis in Syria

The latest developments and diplomatic efforts have shown without any shade of doubt that there are certain states that are putting their political and financial weight to prevent the convening of the Geneva Conference. By so doing, they prolong the crisis of the Syrian people and increase their suffering. Setting a timeline for the long-awaited Geneva II Syria talks has failed so far due to the obstacles and pre-conditions created by the foreign-backed opposition at the orders of its masters in some Western and regional states. The so-called National Coalition is only a front for the Saudi intelligence, and the question to be raised is “Who does the coalition represent? Is it Al Qaeda or Jabhat al-Nusra or other terrorist groups fighting in Syria?” There is a huge difference between the media talk and the people who are residing in luxurious hotels on one side and the children who are being killed, the families who are being displaced and the mosques, churches, museums and factories that are being burnt and destroyed just because Saudi Arabia and other regional and Western forces have their own agendas in Syria. Some of the forces of the so-called opposition, facing the Syrian government with the most violent means, are non-Syrian coming from various parts of the world to get money from Bandar and other supporters in the Gulf.

The date of the long-delayed event has changed many times as Syria's foreign-backed opposition remains divided over participating in the meeting.  From the very beginning the Syrian government’s stand was very clear in accepting to participate in the conference without preconditions. The Syrian government has agreed to go to Geneva without preconditions, but the problem is that some sides are promoting only the idea of transitional authority because these sides created this idea and this kind of opposition, which is affiliated to external sides and it is unknown who it really represents. The Syrian government will go to the conference from a position of strength. The unity of the Syrian army and the great victories it realized in eliminating terrorist gathering and restoring security and stability to various Syrian areas, and the unity of all establishments in Syria, despite all pressures and flow of arms and funds, are what have basically made the situation on the ground in favour of the Syrian people and state.

If the US is really willing to hold Geneva Conference, it should order its regional and Arab tools to halt the influx of arms, funds and terrorists to Syria. There is a need for putting an end to terrorism and violence in the region so that it does not turn into a fertile area for further extremism in the whole region. There is also an urgent need to unify the opposition groups which should take into consideration that the Syrians are the only party who decide their future. The Syrian government’s agreement on Geneva II is based on the exclusive right of the Syrian people to choose their political future, to choose their leaders and to reject all forms of external intervention. All parties should sit at the table and talk based on the Syrian national interest to come out with a solution with everybody's agreement. The conference should provide the Syrians with the opportunity to solve their issues and draw up their future without foreign interference.