Cancerous Terrorism of Al-Saud!


The CIA groomed up Foreign Minister of the Saudi Monarchy of treason and blasphemy, Adel Jibir, is playing his assigned to role supposedly in a diplomatic way according to the instructions of his masters in Washington and Tel Aviv. When it comes to world politics and diplomacy, Jibir should be the last to speak, because he himself lacks legitimacy but to represent his masters who first introduced him as a spy-translator in the Monarchy Embassy in the USA, before being an agent to many intelligence bodies, including, according to many leaks, the Israeli Mossad and US CIA.

 Jibir's hands are empty and are powerless when it comes to Syria. Apart from the shedding of the innocents' bloods and the destruction of civilization and buildings and infrastructure, they can do nothing against Syria. Bark and bark, but none is afraid and the Syrians after more than 4 years of the fight against Al-Qaeda and Wahabbi affiliated terrorism are more steadfast and immune.

The Syrians in millions be it in Syria or abroad, voted for their leadership and most of them used their blood instead of ink. Can the AIPAC-affiliated Saudi dwarf minister cite but an example for the poor Saudi people's last vote in whatever model of democracy. Poor spy Mr. Jibir, you are either a fool or a fool! Syria builds its relations with like brothers friends on solid and reciprocal bases.

Al-Saud Dirty Hands Should Be Cut Off

Machiavelli's the end justifies the means has been extensively used by the USA and its satellites' officials! Terrorism and terrorist groups were invented and mushroomed taken Machiavelli's  words as the main guidelines. The Americans created Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra, ISIS, along with their yes-sir ewes. The course of events has proved that the perpetrated by the US wrong policies and their dictated ewes' ones is entirely wrong and against humanity and life in general. Thus, the dangers looming over the ewes, their master and almost every place in the world is but their hand-made terrorism, invented as to kill others.

 The veteran Foreign Minister of Russia, the main pillar of world equilibrium, Sergei Lavrov stated the other day that the ''US doesn't want to admit ISIS is creation of American policies.'' The Americans very well know that the dangers against the world are nothing else other than theirs and their ewes' Machiavelli' warmongering policies! Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Carter's National Security Advisor stated to the CNN that the U.S. organized and supported Bin Laden and the other originators of “Al Qaeda” in the 1970s to fight the Soviets: ''Brzezinski told Al Qaeda’s forefathers – the Mujahadin: We know of their deep belief in god – that they’re confident that their struggle will succeed. That land over – there is yours – and you’ll go back to it someday, because your fight will prevail, and you’ll have your homes, your mosques, back again, because your cause is right, and god is on your side.

Wahabi Terrorism Ideology!


The ongoing in Syria has nothing to do with politics, but only with terrorism, colonialist greed and with all-out exploitation and destruction of Syria. As far as politics is concerned, there are many political solutions including the democratic means which Syria has so far been adhering to for decades including referendums, elections, constitutional amendments and the like and even more than those held in supposedly democratic States. It seems that all that is ongoing in the region and elsewhere has nothing to do neither with democracy, freedom nor with politics or even religion.

H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad precisely stroke the right notes when calling for pressuring the states supporting terrorists to stop doing so, as to fighting terrorism, including Saudi Arabia which has the same ISIS ideology, Qatar, Turkey. Yes, Syria can and would welcome any cooperation with the Americans and others in ''making pressure on different countries like Turkey and Saudi Arabia and Qatar and some of their allies in Europe that support the terrorists politically and financially and by military means.'' The more terrorists the Syrian hero Army kills, the more terrorists they send! So what next! The Syrians, along with their friends, are determined to clean Syria from the terrorists and as to protect all humanity.   

Saudi Arabia should Indeed be held accountable!


Saudi Arabia is indeed the source of terrorism in the world! What the kingdom of ignorance, wahabism, and blasphemy has wasted of money as to spread its invented non-Islamic version of Islam, treason and evil is indeed a big sum which can feed all the poor worldwide. Saudi Arabia has nothing to do with the religion of amity, peace, tolerance and fraternity, rather with the task of distorting the true image of the true Islam! Once there is a war, crisis, famine, terrorist attack, search should be first and foremost for the dirty Saudi money, hands and bribery.

The Saudi Wahahabi destructive role in the ongoing war by terrorists of more than 85 countries is the result of years of the Saudi preaching of hatred, division, and sedition, not to forget slaughter, cannibalism and rape.  Under the false pretext of God, Saudi Arabia claims itself to be the custodian of God himself and of Prophet Muhammad. More than 1400 years of Islam have passed and still the Saudi Royal Family works on bringing history hundreds of years back!

Syria is open to cooperate with all in its fight against terrorism, Minister al-Zou'bi

The recently signed agreement between Iran and p5+1 is to make the region change to stability and calm, Minister of Information Omran al-Zou'bi said.

Interviewed by the Syrian al-akhbaria Satellite TV, Minister al-Zou'bi added that the agreement on Iran's peaceful nuclear program is not to change the Iranian convictions, nor its principles and interests.

''Iran is playing a distinguished role in solving the differences and causes of the region,'' outlined Minister al-Zou'bi, asserting that Iran, an ally and brother, has been standing by Syria and would never leave its allies alone.

''The Iranian discourse is that of dialogue and coordination in the region,'' the minister pointed out, expressing hope that countries in the region, in the Gulf and Turkey would cooperate and reconsider their political discourse and stances.

Minister al-Zou'bi underlined the important role of Iran in fighting terrorism which has schemes not restricted only to the Syrian geography, but extends to countries like, for example, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Lebanon.

Minister al-Zou'bi reiterated that Syria has never, in principle, rejected any regional or international effort as to combat terrorism, asserting that no single country can alone fight Takfiri terrorism on behalf of the entire world.

"Syria is open to meet all in its fighting against terrorism," the minister added, including Saudi Arabia or others if they would refrain from arming, financing and training the terrorists.

Terrorism is to target all with no exceptions and is to target any political system, Minister al-Zou'bi underscored calling for a unanimous decision as to fighting against terrorism.

"None in Syria would like to see the ongoing in Syria is taking place in another Arab country, and irrespective of the Syrians' political stance from them," added Minister al-Zou'bi, calling for concrete measures and not only emotional ones as to fight terrorism.

Minister al-Zou'bi hailed the role played by Russia, which is the country number one  when it comes to commitment and abidance by international law rules.

The minister blasted the League of Arab States as in ''the interest of Zionist interests'' which draw wedges among Arabs.

Minister al-Zou'bi welcomed the forthcoming visit of Staffan De Mistura, the UN Envoy, to Syria, asserting that he would receive every backing and support from the Syrian Leadership, which has been ever cooperative with every international effort.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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