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Sen. Richard Black to ST: War on Syria ‘immoral’

The US Senator Richard Hayden Black has said that increasingly rash actions risk escalating into nuclear war, stressing that the allegations of the use of chemical weapons by Syrian government is a hoax.

In a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper about the purpose of the strike carried out by the US, UK and France against Syria, the senator said: “U.S. ordered a brutal attack on Syria. Children’s arms and legs will be blown off; Syrian soldiers will be blinded and crippled. The war is a disgrace. Increasingly rash actions risk escalating into nuclear war.”

MP Nora Arissian to ST: US-Led Aggression on Syria an Attempt to Retaliate for Defeat of Foreign-Backed Terrorists

The tripartite strike carried out today by the US, UK and France against Syria has sent political and military messages that US has a role in Syria and there is a military alliance against Syria and its allies, according to the Syrian Member of Parliament Dr. Nora Arissian, who asserted that the strike breaches the international law.

In a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper, the MP said that the US-led aggression against Syria came after the failure of the conspiracy against Syria and it was an attempt to retaliate for the defeat of foreign-backed terrorists at the hands of Syrian army.

“Personally speaking, the quick and limited military strike carried out today proved the need to defend Syria’ sovereignty and unity and the Syrian people’s insistence on fighting terrorism and restoring peace and stability to the country,” Dr. Arissian added.

US Analyst: MI6 Urged CIA, Pentagon to Bomb Syria before Alleged Chemical Attack Investigation Starts

The Secret Intelligence Service [known as MI6] has told the CIA and Pentagon to bomb Syria before any investigation into alleged chemical attack on Douma area in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus can occur, Dean Henderson, the US author and Geopolitical analyst told the Syriatimes e-newspaper on Saturday.

He elucidated the reason of carrying out the tripartite strike [ by US, UK and France] against Syria before investigators start their work by saying  that even the Pentagon said it had no evidence of the alleged "sarin attack", so the end result is that it will take attention away from this lie, so they can move on to another lie.

“France and Britain are where the Rothschilds call home, so it is always the case that the US will be utilized as a hessianized mercenary force to protect these bankers' interests.  This is why the UK was behind the provocation and why they also staged the Skripal poisoning, “added Henderson.

Retired French Colonel to ST: Nobody Can Win Nuclear War Prepared by Unreasonable Western Leaders over False Pretexts

The retired French colonel Mr. Alain Corvez has stressed that nobody can win the nuclear war being prepared by unreasonable western leaders of today over false flags pretexts, regretting the bad diplomacy of France which accepted to be a valet of the Atlantic Alliance and a member of the US-led "evil axis".

He told the Syriatimes e-newspaper on Thursday that the western leaders of today are not reasonable and are preparing a nuclear war, as if they thought they could win it.” nobody can win a nuclear war nowadays. North Korea has understood that, and it seemed that the United States too, but it seems that things have changed in Washington.” 

Syrian Government to Continue Providing Services to Persons Evacuated from E. Ghouta

 The Syrian government will press ahead with offering services to the persons evacuated from the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus till the return of normal life to the area, Damascus Countryside Governor Mr. Alaa Ibrahim told the Syriatimes e-newspaper on Saturday.

The governor made it clear that the total number of persons evacuated by the Syrian army from the East Ghouta- except Douma city- including armed persons and their families who were transported to Idlib, reached up to 125.091.

“There were 89.649 persons living in 11 temporary housing centers after being evacuated from Eastern Ghouta, but this number reduced to 44.053 as tens of thousands, including boys aged below 15 and old men aged over 60, went to their relatives homes in the country,” Mr. Ibrahim said, indicating that some persons returned to the centers from their relatives’ homes because they were not happy there.