Australian Author to ST: Washington Funded and Armed Terrorist Groups in Syria for Many Years

The Australian renowned  peace activist, Author, Prof. Tim Anderson, who wrote a book entitled “The Dirty War on Syria”, made it clear that Washington has made a strategic decision to withdraw support for these groups, despite having funded and armed them for many years. “This may be a prelude to their withdrawal from Syria. Washington and its supporters have relied on proxy terrorist armies for more than 7 years, but they have been defeated. Their Kurdish proxies have also lost support.”

Prof. Anderson asserted to the Syriatimes Online, that The US base at al Tanf has provided a safe haven for daesh [ISIS] and other proxies to escape destruction at the hands of Syria and its allies. It has also been a type of wedge, attempting to block fuller cooperation between Iraq and Syria. 

“To minimize confrontation, resistance forces have worked around the al Tanf area, isolating it. But the occupation has no future, so long as political will in Iraq and Syria keeps working to expel the US- backed takfiri groups,” Prof. Anderson said . 

He went on to say: “I believe the US will withdraw from al Tanf, and from NE Syria. They never planned a full scale invasion and occupation, and their pretexts (to defend their proxies) are fast running out.” 

 Israel, which is an ethnic cleansing entity, cannot confront Syria and its allies alone when US forces are in retreat and it is afraid of losing the territory it stole from Syria half a century ago, according to the Australian author and political economist Prof. Tim Anderson, who told the Syriatimes e-newspaper that the proxy terrorist armies of Washington and its supporters have been defeated in Syria.

Germany’s AFD party demands end of EU sanctions against Syria

The German Member of parliament Dr. Christian Blex and other members of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) have passed two resolutions which demand an end of the EU-sanctions against Syria and condemn western air strikes, according to a press release obtained by the Syriatimes e-newspaper.

“We demand Germany be no longer complicit in the sanctions, which are an instrument of power against the current government”, the first resolution passed at the party convention in Augsburg reads. “A prolongation of the suffering of the Syrian people is incompatible with AfD-principles and not in the German national interest.”

The submitter Dr. Christian Blex, Member of Parliament of North Rine-Westphalia, said to delegates: “I ask you to put my proposal on the order of business, so the public can learn that the sanctions chronically threaten the health care system of Syria’s lower- and middle class.

US political analyst to ST: Victories of Syrian Army and allies turned the tide against Israeli, Saudi, US puppets

The US geopolitical analyst Dean Henderson has underscored that the victories being achieved by Syrian Army and allies in fighting terrorism have turned the tide against Israel /Saudi/GCC puppets and the Rothschild/Rockefeller sponsors. 

He told the Syriatimes e-newspaper: “The balance of power has already shifted in a good way and the momentum is on the side of justice,” Henderson said, indicating that the survival of the City of London crowd depends on keeping the US President Donald Trump on their leash and divide the US from Russia and China,” Henderson said. 

Canadian political analyst to ST: U.S. to continue to use White Helmets as long as general domestic population accept war lies

U.S. policymakers will go ahead with using not only the White Helmets but also the false flag chemical weapons events in Syria for as long as broad-based domestic populations accept the war lies and the engineered deceptions, the Canadian political analyst and Research Associate at Global Research Mark Taliano told the Syriatimes e-newspaper.

The analyst asserted that U.S. policymakers support al Qaeda in Syria, and the White Helmets are al Qaeda auxiliaries, so it makes sense that the U.S. which seeks global control, would continue to support them.

But he pointed out that the US aspirations are being frustrated on Syrian soil.

Slovak politician to ST: Situation in Syria is completely different to what MSM portray


The Slovak politician Marian Kotleba has affirmed that the situation in Syria is completely different to what the Slovak and European mainstream media outlets try to portray. He has also regretted the subjection of the vast majority of his country’s politicians to the US and Israeli masters.

In an interview with the Syriatimes e-newspaper, the leader of the People’s Party Our Slovakia (Ľudová strana Naše Slovensko), who visited Syria in June for the first time, said that he has been amazed at how positive life in contemporary Syria is.

“Before our departure to Syria, we did not know what was waiting for us there. We were worried as information available in Slovakia and in Europe say that Syria is at war. Even the Ministry of Slovak Republic has issued ‘do not travel’ warning for Slovak citizens to Syria in anyway. But we overcame all these concerns and we came to Syria. After arriving from Beirut to Damascus, we have been really surprised at how positive life in contemporary Syria is and how Muslims and Christians are living together, “said Kotleba, who came to Syria with a European delegation composed of politicians from Belgium, Slovakia and Croatia.