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German MP to ST: ‘White Helmets’ are western countries’ terror assets

German Parliamentarian Dr. Christian Blex has asserted that one of the main goals of the evacuation of the ‘White Helmets’ from Syria via Israel is to keep some troublesome information they know about western complicity in war crimes and fake gas attacks in Syria secret.

In an interview with the Syriatimes e-newspaper, the German politician made it clear that the ‘white Helmets’ are the terror assets of the western countries that spent more than $ 100 million on them in order to  fool western audiences into thinking a regime change is acceptable.

“According to our government, German Federal Foreign Office supported the White Helmets and increased its financial contribution by 2 million euros to a total of 7 million euros in 2016. So, they are not going to watch their boys be dismantled by Syrian troops. Also, I imagine, this particular group which was saved, knows some troublesome secrets about western complicity in war crimes and fake gas attacks. They were saved, so they don't end up spelling secrets one day,” he said, affirming that Germany's government is a vassal to the US.

Love and war

“Love and War” is the title of the documentary film, which has been recently shown at the Cultural Center in Tartous. The film prepared and directed by William Abdullah.

They destroyed iron and grew jasmine…..

The film deals with three stories of Syrian soldiers who loved girls from the regions they participated in liberating them from terrorist gangs. They challenged all the social, financial, religious and political conditions for this love. They smashed the iron and planted jasmine in a land ravaged by shells and blood and firmed up their love with marriage.

Retired officer to ST: Syrian Army’s victories in southern battle


Strategic and Military expert, retired Brigadier-General Haitham Hassoun has affirmed that the Zionist enemy [Israel] has lost its big bet on terrorist groups to establish a buffer zone in the south of Syria amid keeping the state of chaos in the country.

He told the Syriatimes e-newspaper that the Israeli enemy lost its effect on the Syrian arena and its main goal now is to return to the 1974 Agreement on Disengagement.

 “The recaptured hills, which extend from the eastern slopes of Jabal el-Shaykh to the hills of al-Mal, mas’hara, al-Harra, al-Jabeyeh and al-Jomo’a and other scores of hills, are the first line of defense against Zionist enemy,” the retired BGen said, asserting that the Syrian Army completed its military operations in the western and eastern sides of Daraa countryside, except ISIS-held Yarmouk basin area.

He stressed that Syrian Army will liberate Yarmouk basin area from ISIS terrorists in the forthcoming battle there.

 “The Israeli enemy has received no guarantees from the United States and Russia about the deployments of Syria’s allied forces in the south of the country,” the retired BGen Hassoun said.

 “The Zionist enemy ordered the terrorist groups it support in Quneitra not to engage in a battle with Syrian Army units near the border with the occupied Golan in anticipation of rocket attacks to be carried out by these terrorist groups on its sites in order to force Israel to involve in the battle,” the military expert expressed his own opinion.  

Talking about the expected scenario in the north of Syria, the retired BGen Hassoun said the scenario of the liberation of the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus is more likely to be repeated in the forthcoming battle to liberate Idlib, but the battle will be fiercer than the current battle in the south of Syria and there will be big reconciliation deals.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour 

“Al-Qalaa and Wadi Festival”

Syria's Cultural Message to the World

The valley has embraced his castle again and healed the wounds that increased its pride and vanity .It has returned, but this time, in a different shape. It has been launched with a governmental support but with civil and popular initiatives covering the various aspects of cultural and social life in the region and focused on the child through many aspects of entertainment, art and theater.

The festival started its activities  with a national epic entitled "The Time is ours", that dealt with the story of a well-educated and cultured people, amazing nature and ancient ruins praising  the victories of the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army on terrorism.

The Syria Times e-newspaper went along with the festival’s activities, art exhibitions and marketing that reflect the heritage of the village in the region.

Rabei Deebh: Culture of defeat and surrender spread among terrorists due to Syrian army’s successive victories

The Syrian war correspondent Rabei Deebh has underscored that the culture of defeat and surrender has spread widely among foreign-backed terrorist groups as a result of Syrian army’s successive victories in many areas since 2015.

In an interview with the Syriatimes e-newspaper, Deehh said: “During the stage of major victories against terrorists in the Eastern and western Ghouta of Damascus, Syrian Army has worked on intensifying strikes against terrorists’ strongholds and breaking the terrorists’ will to fight as well as opening the door for terrorists to surrender.”

He made it clear that the success of Syrian Army in breaking the terrorists’ will to fight came after they realized that Syrian Army’s victory is inevitable when it starts a military operation in any area.