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Belgian politician to ST: attempts to destabilize Iran from within, influence EU


Belgian politician Hervé Van Laethem has said that the United States and Israel are trying to destabilize Iran from within after they have realized that it is not possible to overthrow the regime through outside action.

His remark was made during an interview with the Syriatimes e-newspaper over the sanctions reimposed by the U.S. against Iran plus Belgium’s stance towards these sanctions.

“It is certain that these sanctions aim to push Iran to make mistakes that the US will try to exploit later. So, the Iranian leaders must be cautious and think about how to thwart the US plans,” Laethem said, stressing that the U.S. has failed to achieve its goal despite of all measures adopted by it against Iran over the past 40 years. 

Canadian Analyst ST: Saudi Arabia and its Western allies are losing the war on Syria

The Canadian Political analyst and research associate at Global Research Mark Taliano has stressed that Saudi Arabia and its Western allies are losing the war on Syria and that will impact geopolitical relations, referring to the fact that Canada is a partner with Wahhabi Saudi Arabia in the destruction of Syria. 

In an interview with the Syriatimes e-newspaper over the current rift between Ottawa and Riyadh, Taliano said: “Both Canada, NATO, and their allies (including Saudi Arabia) support sectarian terrorists in Syria, including al Qaeda and ISIS, who seek to transform democratic, pluralist, secular Syria into an Islamic Caliphate.”

Sen. Richard Black to ST: Syria has won the war

The U.S. Senator Richard Hayden Black has stressed that the victories achieved by Syrian Army and allies in the south of Syria have had a profound effect on the war which has been a suicidal undertaking for the west.

He told the Syriatimes e-newspaper that the greatest importance of the victories south of Syria lies in removing Israel and Jordan from playing any direct role in combat operations.

“The American Joint Operations Center (JOC) in Jordan trained many thousands of jihadists to cross into Syria and make their way to the suburbs of Damascus where they launched attacks that slaughtered civilians throughout the war.

British analyst to ST: 'White Helmets' have instigated crimes against humanity in Syria

Unequivocally, the settlement of some members of the 'White Helmets' constitutes a real and potent threat to British national security and to the safety of the British public, according to the British political analyst Dr. Marcus Papadopoulos, who asserts that the'White Helmets' have not only been complicit in crimes against humanity but they have actually instigated such crimes in Syria.

In an interview with the Syriatimes e-newspaper about the settlement of the 'White Helmets' in several western countries and the consequences for the countries which have supported the terrorists in Syria as well as why his passion for Syria came about,

Unbreakable Will

Since its foundation, the Syrian Arab Army has never hesitated to carry out its national duty and by the virtue of the army heroes Syria remains steadfast and reluctant against terrorism.

Marking the 73rd Anniversary of the Syrian Arab Army’s foundation, the “Disabled and their Friends” Society in Syria’s Lattakia province held on Thursday a celebration at “Dar Al-Assad” for culture. The celebration included a concert in which 49 wounded army personnel  from different Syrian provinces took part within a choir that sang several patriotic songs glorifying the homeland and the army.

The Syriatimes e-newspaper attended the celebration and met some of the wounded army personnel participating in the choir which was formed by the "Society of the Disabled and their Friends”.

The choir aims to convey the wounded soldiers' message of peace through which they want to emphasize that though they are disabled, they can fight through their voices and through participating in rebuilding Syria, Firyal Akili, head of the Society, said in a statement to the Syriatimes.