Terrorism Surely to be Eliminated!


Returning to their homes after the  escape of their  terrorists, the people of al-Ghouta confirm the message of the Syrian Arab Army to eliminate terrorism and help  displaced people return  to their villages and cities

Syrian Opinion - 19/03/2018

 In a message about the reality of the conflict in Syria, the people of al-Ghouta, after their displacement from their villages and cities and their return to them under the auspices of the Syrian Arab Army, said that the army units secured their exit from the terrorists' control and, later, return to their homes and provided them with all possible medical aid. This action, which was carried out under the guidance of the President, dropped all propaganda and fabrication campaigns that claim that the army aims to empty the Ghouta of its inhabitants and housing them with other residents.

Dr. Marcus Papadopoulos to ST: Liberation of Eastern Ghouta Will Destroy US, UK Aspirations of Conquering Damascus

The liberation of East Ghouta from the Wahhabist terrorist organizations by Syrian army will destroy the aspirations of Washington and London of conquering Damascus and it will be an act of deliverance for the people of both East Ghouta and Damascus, according to Dr. Marcus Papadopoulos, British publisher and editor of Politics First, who asserted that every advance that the Syrian army makes, weakens the Wahhabist terrorist threat to UK national security.

In an interview with the Syriatimes e-newspaper, Dr. Papadopoulos made it clear that the American and British governments are falsely portraying the liberation of East Ghouta as the Syrian Government "slaughtering its own civilians" because Washington and London know that their aspirations of conquering Damascus, through the use of Wahhabist terrorist groups, are soon to be destroyed by the men and women of the Syrian army.

German MP Christian Blex to ST: Our Trip to Syria Caused Quite a Stir in German Media

German politician, Dr. Christian Blex, who recently led a parliamentary delegation to Syria, has underscored that reactions to Syria events on social media show that many people in Germany no longer believe in their country’s state-owned media reports about Syria.

He told the Syriatimes e-newspaper that the media reports in Germany are one-sided about the situation in Syria and they are unilaterally based on unverified information from the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

Syrian MP: Washington to Use Its Influence over Some Kurdish Forces to Save Erdogan’s Face

The US Administration will use its influence over some Kurdish forces in order to find exit to Erdogan from his aggression on Afrin region without humiliation, according to the Syrian Member of Parliament Dr. Ahmad Mer’ei, who asserted that there must be a Syrian-Iranian-Russian agreement to foil the Turkish regime’s plot in the region.

“The US President Donald Trump won’t allow Erdogan to achieve military triumph over Kurds in Afrin and -at the same time- the US troops won’t attack the ‘People’s Protection Units’ as well as Turkey won’t dare attack the ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’ in Menbej area where the US troops are deployed,” The MP said.

Mer'ei expects a joint Turkish-US action in Menbej and Senjar areas.

“The Turkish regime’s failure to make advance in Afrin in two months embarrasses the Turkish army, which is the second-largest military force in NATO… If Turkey makes any advance in Afrin region, it will be subject to endings,” Dr. Mer’ei added.

Military Expert to ST: Syrian Army Carried out Quick Military Operation against ISIS Terrorists South of Damascus

Military and strategic expert, retired Brigadier-General Haitham Hassoun has stressed that Syrian army has carried out a quick military operation against ISIS terrorists in south of Damascus amid the continuity of operations against foreign-backed-terrorist groups in East Ghouta.

He told the Syriatimes e-newspaper that the operations, carried out yesterday and today, prevented the expansion of ISIS terrorists and led to the departure of terrorists from al-Qadam neighborhood.

“What happened over the past hours in the south of Damascus was an attempt by terrorist organizations positioned in al-Hajar al-Aswad and Yarmouk camp areas, which reject the old deal, that provides for the departure of terrorists from al-Qadam neighborhood, to relieve the pressure on terrorists in the East Ghouta of Damascus,” the expert said.