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Canadian analyst: President al-Assad protects Syria against the worst of the worst

The Canadian political analyst Mark Taliano, who came to Syria and participated  in the Trade Union Conference recently held in Sahara complex near Damascus said: " President Bashar al-Assad is very intelligent and very thoughtful. He is humble.  He has humility. He is a leader." 

 He went on to say: "I met President Assad.  I was with a group from the GFTU conference. There were hundreds of us.  He shook everyone's hand. A person in front of me said that  he wished Assad was President of his country.  The president laughed and everyone laughed but I share the sentiment. So, what is Assad like??"

Sen. Richard Black to ST: Saudis have lost the US-backed war in Yemen and just don’t know it

Virginia Senator Richard Black has called for ending America’s support for Saudi Arabia’s losing venture in Yemen, stressing that Yemen’s Houthi Tribesmen Deal Crippling Blow to Saudi Oil Production and Prestige.

In a press release sent to the Syria Times e-newspaper, the senator said: “Saudis tried using cruel bombardment to install a puppet regime in Yemen.  They thought they could muscle the poor Houthi tribesmen, but they were wrong. The dramatic success of their attack on Saudi oil production is a huge victory for the Houthis of Yemen and a huge loss for Saudi Arabia’s Prince Mohammad bin Salman.”

Erdogan's Ottoman ambitions.. Support for terrorism in Syria and falsification of the generations’ memory

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Ottoman ambitions in Syria and Iraq are reflected in his regime's policies from ten years ago, and hardly a day goes by without new facts emerging to prove his intentions towards Syria and the fact that he supports the terrorist Takfiri groups, which are the military wing of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization.

With the beginning of the terrorist war on Syria, Erdogan began to talk about the establishment of a so-called "safe zone" that gathers the Muslim Brotherhood’s terrorists, trains and arms them to attack the Syrian state. In the past eight years, the Turkish border has turned into a transit corridor for arms and terrorists towards Syria.

Erdogan's dream was for the Muslim Brotherhood to take over power in Syria and Egypt so that he could pass his plot and implement his ambitions by seizing Idlib and areas in north Syria.

The aspirations of the Turkish regime are proved  in Erdogan's reintroduction of an old map in Turkish  school curriculum, which shows  Ottoman ambitions at the time in the neighboring countries of Syria, Iraq and Cyprus, where the map includes northern Syria from the coast passing north of Homs and to northern Iraq as well as the island of Cyprus. Parts of Cyprus were occupied in 1974 and are violations of Turkey to the international laws.

Syrian parliamentarian to ST: Trump’s choice of his new National security adviser will determine the US future policy

The United State of America is now at a ‘turning point’ before the forthcoming presidential elections, and the Trump administration has to reach as many as agreements as possible on the thorny files, according to the Syrian Member of Parliament Dr. Safwan Qurabi.

The MP advises the Trump administration to choose a diplomatic and wise adviser to the US National security and to depend on dialogue to resolve all the crises being aggravated between Washington and the world.

Cynthia McKinney to ST: Peace has a chance only with a peace leader in national security adviser position or no one at all in it

Former US congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has said that it might be better for the position of the national security adviser to remain vacant, hoping that President Donald Trump is about to begin to keep his campaign promises about the folly of the US fighting wars for Israel.

In a statement to the Syria times e-newspaper on the effect of the defenestration of John Bolton as President Trump's third national security adviser, McKinney said: "Given the President's poor staffing choices, it might be better for the position to remain vacant. Any appointment from the swamp will continue the same pro-Israel, warmongering, swamp policies."