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Turkey's Destabilizing Role

With the current problems between Armenia and Azerbaijan and the continuous meddling of Turkey stirring trouble where it can-one cannot help but remember Cyprus and the way that beautiful Island was divided (1974) due to Turkish greed and a long time wish to reestablish the Ottoman Empire with a new face.

Cyprus pre-1974 was an island with a rising economy and status amongst world countries. Under the wise leadership of President Makarious it was navigating its way upwards.

Sadly the coup by the Greek Junta on President Makarious presented Turkey with an excuse to invade the Island-one that it had been searching for, for some time.

Syriatimes had the opportunity to interview Marinos Sizopoulos President of EDEK (a socialist Cyprus political Party).

Belgian politician to ST: Strait of Hormuz is a potential nightmare for everyone

The Failure of the United States to reimpose all international sanctions against Iran has laid bare the differences between Washington and other members of the Security Council on Iran policy.

According to a Belgian politician, the United Nation has understood that it's now absolutely necessary to stop escalation with Iran. 

The ministerial statement of the government in the opinion of a number of parliament members

A number of members of the People's Assembly(Parliament) stressed the importance of laying down the ministerial statement of the government that includes its work program for the next stage within an executive timetable to rise to the level of people's aspiration, especially improving the conditions of living of citizens.

Member of Parliament Dr. Muhammad Khairal-Akam stressed the importance of the government's commitment to implementing its plans that it mentioned in the statement within a clear and specific timeframe, taking into account the difficult circumstances the country is going through.

Al-Akam called for supporting the media, protecting investigative journalists, and increasing compensation for media work to advance the reality of the journalism in the country.

Turkey's Destructive Role in the M.E and Europe

Turkey has for a longtime now been the enzyme that speeds problems in the area of the Mediterranean. Still unable to stomach the Treaty of Lausanne(1923) which defined the borders of modern day Turkey it has for a long time now been scheming to extend its borders by land grabbing from other countries. This can be clearly depicted in two countries Cyprus and Syria .In 1974 Turkey attacked Cyprus and occupied a third of the island and formed on its own the “Republic of Northern Cyprus” recognized by no country in the world except its creator. In Syria the story is even sadder - not satisfied with usurping Alexanderetta ,Turkey opened its borders to terrorists to infiltrate Syria and aided and abetted them(During the war of terror on Syria). Now it has taken a further step by arming and training terrorists and by actually sending its troops inside Syria. Turkey dreams of a revival of the Ottoman Empire and for that to happen boundaries must change and towns and cities might have to be erased. A question arises –why does no one do anything about  this? Why is the world silent while Turkey wreaks havoc where it wants. What is the UN doing or for that matter the EU?

 Syriatimes carried out an interview with EU parliamentarian Athanasios Konstantinou to clarify certain points.

  Member of European Parliament  to ST: EU's appeasement of Turkey, has deeply injured the trust of Greek citizens

 Member of European Parliament Athanasios Konstantinou reckons that hollow actions that have no political and economic impact will be taken by the EU against Turkey for political propaganda reasons.

 He told Syria Times e-newspaper that from the 1980 till today, more than 60.000 Turkish planes have infiltrated Greek airspace not counting the paralleling actions of the Turkish navy.

 Konstantinou, in addition, has pointed out that U.N. repeatedly over time appears  powerless and without the will to enforce international law and in that way tolerate NATO to act in their place.

Ambassador Haissam Bou Said to ST: Israel sits on the throne of violations

Commissioner of the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) in the Middle East, Ambassador Haissam Bou Said has argued that Israel sits on the throne of violations and there are allied and non-allied superpower countries that place political obstacles to opening up to international committees.

His remarks to Syria Times e-newspaper came one day before more than 20 phosphorous bombs were fired by the Israeli occupation forces on Lebanese territories in the area between Houla and Mais Al-Jabal towns.

Israel's recent violation of the law of war is not surprising as this entity breaches human rights through its acts against unarmed people in the occupied Palestine and the Syrian Golan.