British analyst: US defeat in Syria poses a challenge to Washington’s hold over the Middle East

The unofficial alliance of Russia, Syria and Iran, which has emerged on the back of the US defeat in Syria, poses a challenge to Washington’s hold over the Middle East, according to the British political analyst Dr. Marcus Papadopoulos, who clarified to the Syria Times e-newspaper why Washington seeks to separate Iraq and Iran from each other and what are the outcomes of the US defeat in Syria.

“Mindful of, and furious at, their defeat in Syria, the Americans are determined to reassert their dominance over the Middle East and, in doing so, reassure their allies in the region - Israel, Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf countries - that America will resist any attempts by other countries to challenge its influence there. And what better way of demonstrating that resolve than by Washington attempting to exert further pressure on Iran,” said Dr. Papadopoulos, the founder and editor of Politics First magazine.

Turkish MP to ST: Syrian government-Kurds agreement will prevent imperial powers from intervening in Syria

The Deputy Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party of Turkey (HDP) and the Member of Parliament Dr. Hişyar Özsoy has asserted that reaching an agreement between Syrian government and the Kurds will prevent all imperial and regional powers from intervening in Syria, politically as well as militarily.

He has clarified that Turkey has been unable to resolve its Kurdish issue through peaceful and democratic means and now the Kurdish issue is a regional and even global one, underlining that Turkey alleges that the Kurds pose a threat to its national security in order to undermine any kind of political status for the Kurds in Syria.

In an interview with the Syria Times e-newspaper, Dr. Özsoy said: “Unfortunately Turkey views the Kurds, regardless of where they live, as a major national security threat for its existence. The Republic of Turkey was built upon the denial of Kurds and other ethnically different peoples their cultural and political rights in Anatolia and Mesopotamia. It has militarized the Kurdish issue not only at home but also in Syria.”

Analyst: Syria can deal a painful blow to Zionist enemy


Syria practices self-restraint in countering Israeli enemy’s repeated missile aggressions thus far, but it can deal a painful blow to the enemy in the near future, according to the Syrian political analyst Dr. Alaa Asfari.

The analyst said in an interview with the Syria Times e-newspaper that Syrian air forces are able to hit north of Israel by ground-to-ground missiles and to down Israel’s F-35 stealth fighters in ambushes. “I think that they do not do that now because of Russia’s advice. However, they will do it in the near future”. 

“Apparently, Israeli enemy claims that it combats Iranian presence in Syria; however, its main goals are to hinder Syrian army’s advance in fighting terrorism and to hit strategic stores,” he added.

Dr. Asfari affirmed that Israeli enemy’s repeated missile aggressions against Syria are desperate attempts to vanish victories being realized by Syrian army that recaptured over 85% of area previously occupied by foreign-backed terrorist groups.

He, in addition, indicated that the aggressions are also messages to the axis of resistance- Syria, Hezbollah, and Iran-  that Israel is ready to carry out attacks whenever it can do it as the whole world turns a blind eye to its acts.

Syrian political writer: Al-Nusra Front tries to force Turkey to adopt it as the only front in Idlib and Aleppo countryside

The American President Donald Trump’s announcement to withdraw all 2,000 US forces from Syria has accelerated the events at regional and international levels and has pushed regional powers to move quickly in an attempt to fill the vacuum that may be left when US president follows through with his announcement, according to Syrian political writer Dr. Ahmad Alderzi.  

The writer told the Syria Times e-newspaper: “The rapid developments, in turn, reflected on local forces that do not operate under the control of Damascus to reconsider their positions in order to be ready for the next stage, and hence it is possible to understand the quick movement of al-Nusra Front to capture the largest area it can in the north of Syria and to get rid of its rivals, who can be used by Turkey to eliminate the front under the pretext of defeating terrorist organizations.”

Syrian Golan women play key national and political role against occupation

Since the first day of Israel’s occupation of the Syrian Golan in 1967, women have engaged in the battle of steadfastness and peaceful resistance against occupation that has practiced inhuman and suppressive acts against Golan people.

This is what the Syrian Lawyer and Women’s right activist Rasha Alhalah said during an interview with the Syria Times e-newspaper about Syrian Golan women’s role in confronting occupation.

Mrs. Alhalah made it clear that the struggle of Syrian women in the Israeli occupied Golan manifested in preserving national identity and clinging to the land in order to confront the Zionist military rule.  

“Golan women, who are one of the strongest Syrian women, have brought up their children and educated them to be patriotic to their homeland, and they have enhanced family relations. They have played a pivotal role at economic, social and political levels. They played key national and political role as they took part in protest and secret struggle against occupation forces despite being arrested and killed by Zionist entity,” the lawyer emphasized.