Canadian analyst to ST: Western Military Industrial Complex Creates Unreasonable Fear as a Tactic to Divert More Money from the People

The Canadian political analyst and Research Associate at Global Research, Mark Taliano, has affirmed that the West does not have free press and all of the information to which most western people are exposed is delivered by about six media monopolies, which are servants to the oligarch classes, not the public interest.

He indicated that these monopolies largely control how Westerners perceive the world.

“Corporate-controlled governments and their media appendages control what Westerners perceive to be the truth in matters of foreign policy, but the messaging is totally corrupt and criminal,” Mr. Taliano said, giving as example that North Americans believe that Canada and its allies are fighting a war on terror.

“They think that we are fighting al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria.  The opposite is true of course.  Canada and its allies are supporting al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria with a view to destroying the pluralist, secular, democratic country and its government,” the analyst asserted.

Syrian Parliamentarian to ST: Some Major Powers Give Terrorist Groups Immunity from Prosecution

The fact that there is no internationally agreed definition of ‘terrorist acts’ and not putting this type of acts in crimes list has caused the manipulation of legal texts and has led to the emergence of other types of terrorist crimes, such as media terrorism and intellectual terrorism, which Syria and Iraq are witnessing now, according to the Syrian Member of parliament Dr. Ahmad Merei.

The parliamentarian made it clear that US definition of the term [terrorism] put ISIS terrorists and Hezbollah freedom fighters on equal footing and it led to the occupation and destruction of Iraq and the destruction of Afghanistan.

“The United States and Israel are against reaching internationally agreed definition of terrorism because this will show that the Zionist entity is the number one terrorist,” Dr. Merei told the Syria Times e-newspaper.

He, in addition, asserted that some major powers exploit the term ‘Counter-terrorism’ to realize their own interests and to implement their plans against the countries that contradict their policies.

“Violence is being used today to achieve illegitimate objectives, including intellectual and media terrorism, unforeseen risks and new forms of terrorism that restrict the freedom of individuals and societies to exercise democracy and to live in peace,” added the MP, who is specialized in International Law.

He emphasized that US and some western states practice all forms of suppression, occupation, expansion and hegemony to eliminate the struggle of the peoples and the movements of national liberation that are seeking to have self-determination, freedom and independence.

The parliamentarian underlined that the most dangerous thing facing our world today is the major powers’ increasing role in supporting terrorist organizations that terrorize civilians and harm individuals and properties.

“Since the late 1960s, terrorism has continued to transcend borders increasing the risk of the spread of this phenomenon where terrorist organizations have used up-to-date technology to develop the methods of terrorism,” Dr. Merei clarified.

Syria’s Vision Towards Terrorism

From the viewpoint of Syria, there is an urgent need to address the real causes of terrorism and to counter it politically and economically.

Besides, a front against terrorism must be formed to carry out joint missions at international, regional and local levels.

The front’s tasks will be: (1)- to hold an international dialogue in order to agree on the definition of terrorism. (2)- to shed light on the role of the countries that support and develop terrorism. (3)- to play a role at international, regional and local levels for showing the suffering of victims and the negative impacts of terrorism related to the decline in development efforts and the absence of the rule of law.

These proposals were presented by the Syrian parliamentary delegation, who participated in the Conference held on April 18-19 in the Russian city of St. Petersburg, on countering international terrorism.

Dr. Merei, who was among the members of the delegation headed by the MP Sanaa Abu Zaid, asserted that the states that have sponsored terrorism are seeking now to play negative role in the political process in Syria by imposing further coercive and unilateral sanctions on the country and preventing the fund for rebuilding process in it as well as preventing the return of the Syrian refugees - who have been displaced by force- to their homeland.

“The political and financial influence of these states have given terrorist groups immunity from prosecution,” he concluded.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour

Dr. Ibrahim Alloush to ST: US-Imposed Blockade on Syria Should Become a Political Problem for Arab Regimes that Abide by this Blockade

Damascus, (ST)-What the Syrian people are going through economically is a continuation of the war they have been going through since 2011 by other means, according to the Arab political intellectual and University of Damascus economist Dr. Ibrahim Alloush, who has elaborated on the causes of the current oil crisis in Syria and how the country can survive it.

“The current oil crisis in Syria is the result of compounded factors. On one hand, the war partially or totally destroyed much of the infrastructure of the energy sector in Syria, including the Conoco gas plant in DeirEz-zour, which was targeted repeatedly by the US, always under the pretext of “fighting terrorism”!  It just so happens that both the terrorists and the so-called “Global Coalition against terrorism” have effectively coalesced to destroy Syria’s oil and gas installations all over the country,” he said in an interview with the Syria Times e-newspaper.  

British Analyst explains why ordinary Britons are questioning what they are being told by their politicians and journalists on Syria

Damascus, (ST) - Today, more and more ordinary Britons are questioning what they are being told by both their politicians and journalists about the fighting in Syria. So, what accounts for that growing doubt in the minds of everyday British people?

That question was answered by the British political analyst Dr. Marcus Papadopoulos.

“Indeed, ordinary Britons are not just questioning; they also harbour serious reservations about the so-called freedom fighters and the so-called emergency workers of the White Helmets, whom the British Government has emphatically championed and supported with British taxpayers' money”, the analyst told the Syria Times e-newspaper.

Dr. Papadopoulos asserted that there are numerous factors behind the growing doubt in British people’s minds. “These factors include how Britons have seen for themselves on social media the heinous crimes against humanity committed by terrorists' groups in Syria which are supported by the UK Government, such as the so-called Free Syrian Army, and they have also seen the White Helmets staging fake attacks and executing Syrian soldiers.”

However, the most important factor, in his estimation, is that there are so many more people today who are professionally covering the conflict in Syria than what there was previously.

 “There are now so many more people who have taken up the cause of investigating and analyzing the fighting in Syria for themselves. We have, to name just a few, the indomitable Vanessa Beeley, who has played a pivotal role in unmasking the infamous White Helmets; we have Eva Bartlett, who helped to expose the diabolical nature of terrorist rule in East Aleppo; and we have Peter Ford, a former British ambassador to Syria, who has relayed his knowledge and understanding of Syria to the British public”, the analyst stated.

Syrian MP to ST: Arab Region Is in Need of Strong Democratic Parliaments

DAMASCUS, (ST) - The Syrian Member of Parliament, Dr. Ahmad Kuzbari, has argued that Arab region is in urgent need of strong democratic parliaments to defuse conflicts before they spiral out of control.

He believes that Arab parliaments must play a pivotal role in restoring peace and promoting reconciliation through dialogue based on understanding, openness, and a culture of moderation and equity, along with highlighting the importance of political pluralism.

The parliamentarian’s remarks came during his interview with the Syria Times e-newspaper over Arab Parliaments’ role in the light of recent developments in the region.

“Arab parliaments in our region continue to play a very shy role, particularly in the light of the current events in the region, and especially with issues concerning terrorism and the prevention of external interference in internal affairs of sovereign states, which is one of the basic principles of the United Nations but is often interpreted in ways that are not credible,” Dr. Kuzbari stated.

He added that the principles of the United Nations have evolved to include the concept of humanitarian intervention and the ‘Responsibility to Protect’. 

“Arab Parliaments should benefit from parliamentary diplomacy at the national or regional level by exchanging views and experiences, discussing intra-country and inter-country conflicts, and helping defuse tensions and resolve conflicts before they get out of control,” said Dr. Kuzbari, who chairs the Constitutional and Legislative Committee in the Syrian People’s Assembly [Parliament].

The MP underlined that parliaments must work to prevent extremism, violence, and terrorism by transferring international commitments to national laws and supervising their implementation as well as working towards raising awareness of the dangers of terrorism, that is often fueled by hatred, intolerance, and discrimination.