Prof. Tim Anderson to ST: Britain’s move against Hezbollah appeases US, assists Netanyahu and the Zionist lobby

The Australian political economist and author Prof. Tim Anderson has asserted that  Britain’s proscription of the Lebanese Hezbollah as “terrorist” is first an attempt to fabricate some domestic support for the May government, second to appease Washington and third to assist both Netanyahu and the Zionist lobby in Britain.

He made it clear that Hezbollah expelled Israel from Lebanon, and helped restore some pride in the country, so too the Popular Mobilization Forces (Hashid al Shaabi), which saved Iraq from DAESH, have led the 2018-2019 agitation to expel US forces from Iraq, after 15 years of military occupation.

The professor’s remarks came during an interview with the Syria Times e-newspaper over the goal and effects of Britain’s recent move against Hezbollah besides the absence of western demand for fighting against the black-listed Al-Nusra Front terrorist in Syria’s Idlib.

Canadian analyst to ST: NATO is an appendage of U.S. Empire

The Canadian Political analyst and Research Associate at Global Research Mark Taliano has argued that his country must leave the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which he sees as an appendage of U.S. Empire.

He has told the Syria Times e-newspaper that Canada is spending billions of dollars yearly on an organization that is advancing imperial wars of conquest and death and poverty beneath lies of humanitarianism and freedom and democracy.

“I see NATO as an appendage of Empire. 

U.S. pastor to ST: President Trump has proven himself to be the quintessential warmonger

U.S. President Donald Trump has proven himself to be the quintessential warmonger because of his deep connections to Zionist Israel, according to the American pastor and political activist Dr. Chuck Baldwin, who has affirmed that both major parties in Washington, D.C., are controlled by warmongers.

In an interview with the Syria Times e-newspaper, Dr. Baldwin has made it clear that both major parties in Washington, D.C., argue over many issues, but when it comes to foreign wars and foreign entanglements, both parties work solidly together.

Former French diplomat to ST: ‘ME Stability’ from U.S. viewpoint includes the neutralization of Syria as long as it is not possible to destroy it

The former French diplomat Prof. Michel Raimbaud has argued that it is very difficult to envisage a fighting alliance between the Gulf States with Israel and US against Iran, making clear that ‘Middle East’ stability from U.S viewpoint means the safety for Israel, the eradication of Iran and Hezbollah and the neutralization of Syria as long as it was not possible to destroy the country. 

The professor’s remarks were made during an interview with the Syria Times e-newspaper about Warsaw Conference, Israeli-Gulf relations and France’s clash with U.S. over Iran nuclear deal.

Hanan Ashrawi: Palestine will not submit to political and financial extortion

The member of the PLO Executive Committee Dr. Hanan Ashrawi has said Israeli’s heist of Palestinian revenues is illegal economic aggression, according to a statement sent to the Syria Times e-newspaper.

Her statement was made in response to the Israeli government’s unlawful decision- issued on February 17- of stealing once again Palestinian tax revenues. 

“This is an unlawful decision that once again confirms Israel’s habitual theft of Palestinian land, resources and funds. The money in question is Palestinian tax and customs money that accounts for nearly 70% of all government income,” Dr. Ashrawi said, clarifying that Israel collects this money on behalf of the Palestinian government in exchange for an exorbitant fee.