Retired French Colonel to ST: False chemical attacks have been organized by terrorists with help of western powers and Turkey to justify strikes on Syria

DAMASCUS, (ST) - The Retired French Colonel Alain Corvez has emphasized that western powers are trying to use all kinds of false pretexts to carry out airstrikes against Syria in order to delay the political solution they don’t want.

Among these false pretexts are chemical weapons attacks being filmed and carried out by foreign-backed terrorist groups in Syria to blame the Syrian government for the attacks.

“Russian intelligence are very professional services and they have said that France and Belgium intelligence are in contact with White Helmets and terrorist groups in Idlib area and they are plotting false flag chemical attack in this area. They are reliable and I believe they say the truth because they have proved in the past their accuracy,” the retired officer told the Syria Times e-newspaper

He made it clear that this truth corresponds to the regrettable French action from the start of the war in Syria to support jihadists to take over the legal government of President Bashar Al-Assad which is their obsession.

“From the beginning the French diplomacy has to follow the US strategy and even to be the best pupil of the classroom in overtaking the master. This time, Belgium seems willing to demonstrate its association with this devil project. But Germany have also been participating in the support to terrorists together with France. Proofs of that have been delivered several times, namely by Russians,” the retired colonel stated. 

He added: “The shame is that French media do not inform the people and diffuse the government propaganda trying to present its action as humanitarian.” 

Syrian MP to ST: Occupied Syrian Golan won’t Remain under Occupation

Syria’s military option to liberate the occupied Golan from Israeli occupation has never been an exceptional one – since 1967- and all international charters and laws guarantee Syria’s right to retake the occupied territory by all means, according to the Syrian Member of Parliament Waleed Darwesh.

The parliamentarian, whose hometown is Quneitra province, told the Syria Times e-newspaper: “The Syrian state has respected and has abided by UN resolutions related to the occupied Syrian Golan and it has resorted to political diplomacy in dealing with the Zionist enemy’s violations. However, after the effrontery of US president Donald Trump who annexed Syrian Golan to ‘Israel’, the situation won’t remain the same.”

Gloria La Riva to ST: US is engaged in covert military actions against Venezuela

Damascus,(ST)-Is the danger of US military intervention against Venezuela near? What is the best workable way to resolve Venezuela crisis peacefully? And what are the similarities between US war against Syria and what Washington is attempting against Venezuela? These questions are answered by Gloria La Riva, the American anti-war activist, who works at Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee.

La Riva told the Syria Times e-newspaper that the US administration at this time can't afford politically to directly intervene with U.S. troops, but they are engaged in covert military actions, including the arming and training of paramilitaries for possible action in the near future.

British analyst to ST: We Live in a World That is Governed not by Law but by American Aggression

The British political analyst Dr. Marcus Papadopoulos believes that Washington and London are playing the tactic of good cop/bad cop concerning the occupied Syrian Golan in order to strengthen their pivotal ally, Israel, and thereby enhance their own influence in the Middle East.

In addition to that, Dr Papadopoulos, who is the founder and editor of Politics First magazine, asserts that the matter of Israel and the occupied Palestinian lands represents a serious challenge to Washington and London's claim to adhere to and defend international law, especially the United Nations Charter.

“Donald Trump's decision to recognize the occupied Golan as sovereign Israeli territory, which has no basis under international law and is a gross violation of the UN Charter as well as Syria's territorial sovereignty, will have been discussed by Washington with London before the decision was made public.  And it goes without saying that Mr.

Pompeo Returns Empty Handed

The visit by US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, to Lebanon coincided with an illegitimate declaration by President Trump, who recognized the annexation of the Syrian Golan to the Israeli entity. Trump's recognition is not deplorable to a man who has lost his mental powers, and the American decision will only affect the isolation of America. He and his administration have proved that they are a destabilizing factor for international stability and a factor of domination over the international community.