Dr. Ibrahim Alloush elaborates on how Syria can face the current acute economic crisis in it

Syria needs the help of its allies to help it overcome the effects of the siege and the sanctions as the nature of the war on it has changed drastically, with an emphasis on the economic front, according to the Arab political intellectual and University of Damascus economist Dr. Ibrahim Alloush.

Syrian Armenian MP to St: Azerbaijan’s aggression on Artsakh serves US interests

The Syrian Armenian Member of Parliament Dr. Nora Arissian has argued that Azerbaijan’s aggression on Artsakh [AKA : Nagorno-Karabakh] is dangerous as it has been pre- prepared and it is being supported directly by Turkey in a clear violation of the international law.
"This aggression will cause instability on the borders of the Collective Security Treaty Organization and poses a threat to the peoples of the region," the MP said in an interview with Syria Times e-newspaper.

Turkey's Destabilizing Role

With the current problems between Armenia and Azerbaijan and the continuous meddling of Turkey stirring trouble where it can-one cannot help but remember Cyprus and the way that beautiful Island was divided (1974) due to Turkish greed and a long time wish to reestablish the Ottoman Empire with a new face.

Cyprus pre-1974 was an island with a rising economy and status amongst world countries. Under the wise leadership of President Makarious it was navigating its way upwards.

Sadly the coup by the Greek Junta on President Makarious presented Turkey with an excuse to invade the Island-one that it had been searching for, for some time.

Syriatimes had the opportunity to interview Marinos Sizopoulos President of EDEK (a socialist Cyprus political Party).

Belgian politician to ST: Strait of Hormuz is a potential nightmare for everyone

The Failure of the United States to reimpose all international sanctions against Iran has laid bare the differences between Washington and other members of the Security Council on Iran policy.

According to a Belgian politician, the United Nation has understood that it's now absolutely necessary to stop escalation with Iran. 

The ministerial statement of the government in the opinion of a number of parliament members

A number of members of the People's Assembly(Parliament) stressed the importance of laying down the ministerial statement of the government that includes its work program for the next stage within an executive timetable to rise to the level of people's aspiration, especially improving the conditions of living of citizens.

Member of Parliament Dr. Muhammad Khairal-Akam stressed the importance of the government's commitment to implementing its plans that it mentioned in the statement within a clear and specific timeframe, taking into account the difficult circumstances the country is going through.

Al-Akam called for supporting the media, protecting investigative journalists, and increasing compensation for media work to advance the reality of the journalism in the country.