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Syrian Army's victory nearing, conspiracy in last chapter

The heralds of victory by the Syrian Arab Army are getting closer as the conspiracy against Syria is now in its last chapter. The Syrian Arab Army is achieving advance in confronting terrorism on all areas around the country through qualitative operations that eliminated many terrorist dens and gatherings. The field scene has changed and there will be no turning back. The advance achieved by the army can be observed on the ground and through the statements of the foreign leaderships backing terrorism, as they talk about the collapse of the terrorism project against Syria. The armed terrorist groups will definitely be crushed by the Syrian army, and those mercenaries will not weaken Syrian people’s determination and faith in victory.

The unity of the Syrian people is stronger than all sabotage acts. Despite all their sabotage and terrorist acts, the terrorists will not succeed in shaking the civil peace that has marked Syria for so long. The steadfastness of the Syrian people is stronger than terrorism which is targeting schoolchildren in their schools. The vindictive targeting of young children comes due to the severe blows that terrorists suffered at the hands of the Syrian army and security forces in several parts of the country.

The human values and international law are threatened of danger in light of the spread of international terrorism and the takfiri mentality if the UN will not move to confront that fatal mentality which tries to get the generations back to the ages of underdevelopment and illiteracy, as well as to the laws of women slavery.

More than two and a half year into the crisis, the achievements and services in Syria suffered a blow due to the methodical vandalism and deliberate destruction by armed terrorist groups, coupled with unfair economic embargo on the services sector by the countries backing these groups which cast a shadow on the Syrian citizens' livelihood.

It is very important at this stage to enhance the spirit of amity and tolerance among the Syrians to overcome the crisis. Syria will always embrace its entire people, including the mistaken when they decide to return to the right path. Syrians do not need to import religion or morality because their ancestors spread Islam and Christianity to the whole world.

 Syrian people do not need anyone to decide their destiny; the Syrians will not give up their dignity and will stay committed to the option of resistance.

The outside opposition holds its meetings in the Western cities and searching for whom to decide the fate of Syria on their behalf. More than 1,000 political and 150 religious TV channels are working to destroy Syria from within, and 83 states are sending their mercenaries to Syria for the same reason.

Syria is targeted for its firm pan-Arab principles and for supporting the Resistance to defend the rights and interests of the Arab Nation. The world will witness soon the victory of Syria over terrorism.