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Savage crime serving Zionist project in the region

The coward terrorist crime that hit Beirut last Tuesday targeting the Iranian Embassy, claiming the lives of 23 civilians and wounding 146 others is similar to other previous crimes which are registered on the record of terrorism of some countries that are backing such extremist thoughts. The twin blasts are an inhumane crime and a spiteful measure by the Zionist regime and its mercenaries in the region.

The terrorist blast aims to explode the situation in Lebanon and plunge the whole region in internal sectarian conflicts that pave the way for the US and Israel to dominate the Arab region politically and economically. This terrorist crime targets the Resistance axis in the region to serve the interests of the Zionist entity which has become friends with some Arab regimes in the Gulf, especially Saudi Arabia and Qatar.  The terrorist thought, which is supported by Arab and western intelligence agencies, including the Israeli intelligence to implement the Zionist American project in the region, which aims, among other things, to weaken the resistance axis to perpetuate the Israeli occupation of the Arab territories, plunder Arab resources and revive old colonialist interests of Britain, France and the US. This coward attack reflects the involvement of terrorism makers and funders in the region and their insistence on spreading terrorism as behaviour, practice and a culture to undermine the region and its future and advocate divisions and sectarian wars among the peoples of the region. The Petro-dollar is smelled in the terrorism hitting the states of the region Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, because Bandar and his ilk were ordered by the US and Israel to press ahead with terrorist acts as the American Zionist project in the region was foiled thanks to the high awareness of Syrian people, the valiant Syrian armed forces and the adherence of the Lebanese national resistance to its noble principles. 

Certain countries in the region such as Saudi Arabia and some Gulf states and Israel want to promote the culture of terrorism and spread it in the region. Those who oppose a political solution to Syria are behind the terrorist attacks, because the political solution of the crisis in Syria means a humiliating defeat to the US and its regional and Arab tools who want to destroy Syria and end its pivotal role in the region. The states which claim to be fighting terrorism, especially the US and its allies are supporting terrorism in the region through offering huge funds to finance al-Qa’eda- linked terrorism fighting in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq and providing them with sophisticated weapons to achieve malignant political objectives.

The deadly twin bombings outside the Iranian Embassy in the Lebanese capital serve the interests of the Israeli regime in the region. The terrorist crime in Beirut comes in service of the Israeli enemy and its allies. It offers a direct service to the Israeli enemy and the states which are implementing the Zionist project in the region.

 However, the new savage crime will only increase the determination of the Lebanese national resistance and the peoples in the region to achieve their goal in defeating the Israeli-U.S. project in the region and liberating the occupied Arab territories.