Preconditions prolong crisis in Syria

The latest developments and diplomatic efforts have shown without any shade of doubt that there are certain states that are putting their political and financial weight to prevent the convening of the Geneva Conference. By so doing, they prolong the crisis of the Syrian people and increase their suffering. Setting a timeline for the long-awaited Geneva II Syria talks has failed so far due to the obstacles and pre-conditions created by the foreign-backed opposition at the orders of its masters in some Western and regional states. The so-called National Coalition is only a front for the Saudi intelligence, and the question to be raised is “Who does the coalition represent? Is it Al Qaeda or Jabhat al-Nusra or other terrorist groups fighting in Syria?” There is a huge difference between the media talk and the people who are residing in luxurious hotels on one side and the children who are being killed, the families who are being displaced and the mosques, churches, museums and factories that are being burnt and destroyed just because Saudi Arabia and other regional and Western forces have their own agendas in Syria. Some of the forces of the so-called opposition, facing the Syrian government with the most violent means, are non-Syrian coming from various parts of the world to get money from Bandar and other supporters in the Gulf.

The date of the long-delayed event has changed many times as Syria's foreign-backed opposition remains divided over participating in the meeting.  From the very beginning the Syrian government’s stand was very clear in accepting to participate in the conference without preconditions. The Syrian government has agreed to go to Geneva without preconditions, but the problem is that some sides are promoting only the idea of transitional authority because these sides created this idea and this kind of opposition, which is affiliated to external sides and it is unknown who it really represents. The Syrian government will go to the conference from a position of strength. The unity of the Syrian army and the great victories it realized in eliminating terrorist gathering and restoring security and stability to various Syrian areas, and the unity of all establishments in Syria, despite all pressures and flow of arms and funds, are what have basically made the situation on the ground in favour of the Syrian people and state.

If the US is really willing to hold Geneva Conference, it should order its regional and Arab tools to halt the influx of arms, funds and terrorists to Syria. There is a need for putting an end to terrorism and violence in the region so that it does not turn into a fertile area for further extremism in the whole region. There is also an urgent need to unify the opposition groups which should take into consideration that the Syrians are the only party who decide their future. The Syrian government’s agreement on Geneva II is based on the exclusive right of the Syrian people to choose their political future, to choose their leaders and to reject all forms of external intervention. All parties should sit at the table and talk based on the Syrian national interest to come out with a solution with everybody's agreement. The conference should provide the Syrians with the opportunity to solve their issues and draw up their future without foreign interference.