Explicit and implicit attitude towards Geneva Conference

It has been unanimously agreed that the sole way to solve the crisis in Syria is through a comprehensive dialogue conducted among the Syrians themselves. To achieve this goal, the international community has agreed to hold Geneva conference by the end of November.  The international community's mission is to create favourable foreign conditions for the Syrian internal dialogue. All countries should contribute to convincing the concerned parties in Syria to sit at the dialogue table. This conference should be a platform for the Syrians to hold talks on their future in a democratic way without any foreign interference or imposed foreign decisions.

Unfortunately, many international sides are providing financial support and weapons to the armed groups in Syria, including chemical weapons. There is a clear contradiction in the explicit and implicit policies of some influential states, especially the US and its allies. Overtly, the US claimed that it supported the political solution to the crisis in Syria through convening the Geneva Conference, but covertly, the US, its allies and regional and Arab tools are the main factors that hinder the settlement of the crisis in Syria through encouraging terrorist acts and offering unlimited support for the armed terrorist groups to press ahead with their criminal acts against Syrian people and their public and private properties and to perpetuate the suffering of the Syrian people and prolong the crisis so that the US and its allies can implement their agenda in the region which aims at weakening the resistance against occupation and achieve colonialist and political interests. The foreign guardians of the armed groups are the ones interested in foiling the international conference on Syria due to be held in Geneva. About 19 factions of the armed groups fighting in Syria, which are unable to work without foreign support, have rejected Geneva 2 conference and their backers want to foil the conference.

 The success of the conference is connected to drying out all sources of terrorism and break off the road in front of the states which support the gunmen. The success of any political solution is connected with stopping support for the terrorist groups and exerting pressure on their sponsoring states that are facilitating the entry of terrorists and mercenaries into the Syrian land and providing them with money, arms and various forms of logistic support. Halting support to the armed terrorist groups is the most important step to create favourable conditions for dialogue and setting up clear mechanisms to achieve the desired goals.

The Syrian people are the only side entitled to draw Syria's future and any solution or agreement in this regard must have the approval of the Syrians and reflect their desires away from any foreign interference or diktat.