The solution to the problems of the Arab World

The Arab Nation is in disarray. Some Arab countries led by Saudi Arabia and Qatar are attacking and killing their brothers and sisters in Syria instead of tackling the real enemy of the region, Zionism,  and liberating Palestine and the occupied Golan. Instead of reaching out a hand to Syria, the heart of the resistance, the Saudi and Qatari rulers are cooperating openly with the Zionists.

Moreover, it was a shameful exhibition how the Arab League, impotent since its creation, was taken over in a Saudi and Qatari led coup and robbed the proud of the Arab Nation, Syria, from its seat.

This all while the Arab Nation could have been a real world-power, politically, economically and militarily.

Remember the glorious days of Gamal Abdel Nasser? Or the victory of 1973? What do these golden days have in common? What made this epoch an highlight for the Arab world? One word... Pan-Arabism.

Why is Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and their Western allies so hostile against the Syrian Nation? Why do they pursue in such a radical way the destruction of Syria and the enslavement of the Syrian people?  At all cost.

The answer lies in the historical role of Syria within the Arab Nation as seen by the Ba'ath Arab Socialist party. Let's have a closer look into some aspects of this historical role and why Syria has always been at the heart of Arab unity, solidarity and independence.


Pan-Arabism is the ideology mirroring the idea of unification of the countries of the Arab world, asserting that the Arabs constitute a single nation, and strongly opposes Western political involvement in the Arab world.

Its central idea is that the peoples of the Arab World constitute one nation bound together by common linguistic, cultural, religious, and historical heritage.

One of the primary goals of Arab nationalism is the end of Western influence in the Arab World and the removal of those Arab governments considered to be dependent upon Western power.

The question of Palestine and opposition to Zionism became a rallying point for Arab nationalism.


Arab nationalists generally reject religion as a main element in political identity, and promote the unity of Arabs regardless of sectarian identity.

Arab socialism

Arab socialism is a political ideology based on combining Pan-Arabism and socialism.

Arab socialism fights imperialism and struggles for social justice. In this context we interpret socialism as "the sharing of the resources of the country by its citizens."

Ba'athism ("renaissance" or "resurrection")

The current Syrian government is led by the Baʼath Arab Socialist Party which continues to be loyal to the Pan-Arabism ideology and is organized in several other Arab countries.

Ba'athism promotes the development and creation of a unified Arab state through the leadership of a vanguard party over a progressive revolutionary government.

Socialism was and in a certain way still is a major element in Ba'athist thought.

A Ba'athist society seeks the rebirth of Arab culture, values and society as well as social progress.

The renaissance of the Arab Nation and Arab society would transform the Arab world politically, economically, intellectually and morally.

Ba'athism is a secular ideology. According to Ba'athist ideology, all religions are equal.

Conclusion : Why is Saudi Arabia and Qatar pursuing the total destruction of Syria?

Saudi Arabia and Qatar are ideologically antagonists to the modern secular Syrian state and society. Both Saudi Arabia and Qatar are feudal states with absolute political control and economic wealth in the hands of a royal family ; the house of Saud in Saudi Arabia and the house of Al Thani in Qatar. It is worth mentioning that Saudi Arabia even does not have a constitution as the absolute power is in the hand of the Saud family.

As said before, the renaissance of the Arab Nation and Arab society would transform the Arab world politically, economically, intellectually and morally.

A modern Pan-Arab Nation would be independent where social justice rules, finishes Western interference and removes those Arab governments considered to be dependent upon Western power.

In this light, a renaissance of the Arab world would mean by definition the dismissal of feudal regimes as Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

It is therefore that the destruction of Syria is a priority for the house of Saud and Al Thani because it is a matter of life and death to preserve their own survival.

 Kris Janssen