Doha's 'bubbles' and 'clinically dead' Opposition




Some Arabs' hectic, but futile, efforts have been exerted at the orders of their master, the USA and some Western countries, as to create a new gathering for the 5-star hotel Syrian opposition. The participants were pulled from their ties to come to Doha. Days and nights of discussions and conspiracies among the participants, most of whom have nothing Syrian, but unfortunately place of birth. Albeit, they share common goals in rejecting dialogue, asking for foreign intervention and claiming to represent the Syrians, who are nowadays fighting inside their country in defense of Syria. The enemy which the Syrians are fighting was itself invented, groomed and exported to them by the same foreigners and outside opposition figures. Thus, a deformed opposition council was made with a registered mark of slavery to the USA and affiliations. Yes Madam Secretary, Clinton, your orders were executed.

According to different readings, such a deformed invention in Doha is doomed to failure, as was that of Istanbul. Real opposition is here inside Syria, defending Syria's sovereignty, integrity, reforms, peace and security. That is why this opposition is referred to as national opposition. Apart from  Arab league's- Gulf Petrodollar League- evil bids to add the more of fuel to the crisis in Syria, some legitimacy to an illegitimate neo-born, this very foundling infant is illegitimate, given the genes analyses, which belong to Qatari, US, Saudi, Turkish, western and other sperms!

Doha Council represents but a small portion of Syrians, who, for different personal interests, accepted to knell down to earth before their draconian masters.  “The legitimate representative of the Syrian people” is but the Syrian Government, which does join some of the national opposition and reconciliation figures. Let all the participants in the blood shedding of the Syrians invent whatever deformed entities; the final say is here on the ground, for the millions of true Syrians.

The defense of Syria, as Minister Omran al-Zou'bi of Information clearly stated yesterday, is the national destiny and no power in the world whatsoever can defeat Syria, given the presence of the Syrian hero Army and the Syrians' belief in their Cause. The national opposition is opposition in political work and differences with this opposition are for Syria and not against Syria, and in respect for the national sovereignty symbols: the Presidency of the Republic, National Flag, National Anthem and the Syrian Arab Army and Armed Forces. Doha's anti-Syria 'bubbles' and non-national 'clinically dead ' opposition do fear of voting ballots and of the Syrian Public Opinion judgment.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim