Biased, politicized reports lacking credibility & objectivity

Since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, the US has been exploiting its great influence to employ the UN and its affiliated bodies to serve its conspiracy against Syria. The US and its allies have been diverting a number of UN organizations from their noble goals and purposes, pushing them to ignore human rights violations in occupied areas, particularly in Palestine and the Syrian Golan, all while these organizations race in an unprecedented manner to take biased decisions against Syria to increase the shedding of Syrian blood and the destruction the country, thereby giving Israel a green light to increase its oppression, crimes and settlement in the occupied Arab lands.

The recent report presented by the Commission of Inquiry on Syria was full of bias, exaggeration and disinformation, and it lacked credibility and authentic testimonies.

Despite the fact that the Commission  admitted the support offered by external parties to extremist terrorist groups fighting in Syria, it was not brave enough to name these parities, namely the US, France, Britain and their regional and Arab tools: Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The Commission did not even refer to the frenzied campaigns by some countries which are inciting killings in Syria every time a sign of an international move comes into sight towards a political solution based on comprehensive dialogue among the Syrians without foreign diktat. Whenever the international efforts reach a breakthrough with regard to convening the Geneva Conference and resolving the crisis politically, the US and its allies increase their military and financial support to the armed takfiri groups to escalate their terrorist operations against Syrian people and their public and private properties.

It seems that the Commission has neither heard nor seen the savage atrocities and heinous massacres of al-Qaeda- affiliate organizations and the Takfiri groups in the areas that they attacked, the public executions before the children and women and the acts of vandalism against factories, hospitals and public utilities. Moreover, the Commission alleged that the Syrian government is destroying its health institutions. This is a very cheap and politicized disinformation because there is no country in the world that demolishes its hospitals and infrastructure.

The report ignored the fact that the main factor behind the internal displacement of Syrian citizens is the terrorist operations by the Takfiri groups and the forceful dislocation on sectarian grounds, because one of the main sinister goals of the US and its allies was to incite a sectarian war that destroys the country and weakens the army. It also ignored the unfair and unjustifiable sanctions targeting the Syrian citizens in their livelihood, health conditions, education and other basic human rights.

As was the case with the previous reports, the Commission did not maintain truth and objectivity and ignored scores of authentic documents submitted by the Syrian government that belie the groundless allegations of the parties complicit in shedding the Syrian blood.