Mr. Cameron's Hypocrisy!




The British Premier, David Cameron's recent moves and statements regarding the crisis in Syria, largely caused by his government's ''no-lethal'' support to the extremist and Salfist armed terrorist groups, raise many questions- some of them rhetorical! The big question is whether Cameron has sold himself to Mephistopheles for a sum of  today's dirty petro-dollars! Actually, such a question is justified in the light of Mr. Cameron's much talked about '' Grand Bargain with the Murdoch newspaper empire before the last election'', according to the Telegraph and not to the Syria Times, not to mention the Sun revelations!

Cameron's recent pre-paid al-Arabyia interview is indeed a farce! Of no less a farce is his visit to the Syrians in Jordan, forced by the British-backed terrorist groups to leave their houses. On the 95th anniversary of the British ill-famed Balfour Declaration, Mr. Cameron should have seen on his way the Palestinian Refugees camps scattered in Jordan. Cameron's crocodile tears, 'determination', support and talks with the "horrendous" extremist terrorists would never weaken the majority's determination to defend their beloved homeland and leadership to the last drops of their blood.

Mr. Cameron should have read some of the posted, mainly by his own people, commenting on the BBC news item regarding his visit and statements yesterday in Jordan. Some of the comments are indeed interesting and expose more about the reality:   owninthemouth, a pseudonym in fear, of course, of the British model of free speech and freedom! Wrote: ''I agree with many of the comments - Cameron should be HERE, our money should be HERE our service men should be HERE, defrauding MP'S, Bankers and Tax dodgers should be in jail - HERE. All in favour HEAR HEAR.'' chug_chug wrote: '' How right you are. Hague is a total buffoon and war monger. We need to stay away from these disputes and let them sort their own problems out. But I have this sneaky feeling that if the USA decide to inflict “democracy” on them, we will follow like a puppy on a lead.''

I am the walrus wrote: '' No more interference in Middle-East affairs please! All it does is increase resentment toward this country among extreme Islamists and puts us at risk from potential acts of terrorism. This is an Arab issue. The Middle East is awash with money. They should look after their own and not look to the "hated" west to sort out their problems!'' Sam Tan wrote: '' Mr. Cameron:

  • Regime change is illegal under international law
  • You can see what has gone wrong in Iraq and Afghanistan - Don't make the same mistake twice. It's the soldiers and civillians who get killed not you.
  • You wanted change in the rest of the middle east and look at the mess!!

You should also support the Saudies who want change otherwise you are a Hypocrit!!!!''

Mikeb wrote: ''Message to Syrian Refugees, Cameron won't look after his own people( nearly all of whom he thinks are plebs!) let alone coloured people living thousands of miles away who have no use to him and his ilk! Get home Cameron and sort out this mess you have caused, how embarrassing for our great country to have this thick, braying unelected fool mixing with these brave and noble people!'' kaybraes wrote " why should we want to have any involvement in what is happening in Syria. The legal government of Syria is involved in an insurrection by a grouping which seems to include every terrorist organisation in the middle east, so why are we siding with terrorists? It's nothing to do with us anyway, and whichever side wins, they will be holding out the begging bowl while they stab us in the back.''

ve1506 wrote: '' ''Perhaps the rebels have agreed that the Golan heights can remain part of Israel and thats why Cameron and Hague are in favour of them. It will be rather difficult to counter the majority of the middle east if they want the Golan heights back after Cameron gets his way and they take over. Like support us or no arms sales or oil very nasty indeed.''

Gabriel Oaks wrote: ''Why does Cameron think he can assist in the Middle East when he cannot even stop one of his MPs from deserting her post?'' Vincent wrote: ''I wonder if he will break the arm sales record that was Al Yamamah brokered by a predecessor in 1985.'' Underclass Underdog wrote: '' David Cameron is the biggest terrorist there is. Not only has he held his own country to starvation ransom, but he sends our troops to fight conflicts and then arms the very people our lads are fighting against with our own weapons!'' chrisk50 wrote: ''Visiting the refugee camp on Wednesday, Mr. Cameron said the suffering of refugees was "horrendous". Has Cameron ever walked around the streets of London outside of Westminster? he would probably say the same. Then go have a look at other major cities.

Theophane wrote: ''Dave 'sales target' Cameron. The man who sees British complicity in Syria's satanic Saudi/Qatari/Turkish/US instigated incineration as a price worth paying, in order to keep Britain's defence industry ticking over. Evil muppet.'' JPublic @462.james raised the question: ''Is Cameron trying to sell the Syrian Rebels Typhoon Fighter Jets as well?" Underclass Underdog wrote That ''Mr CamerSnob sure does have a big heart, doesn't he? I mean, he's removing money from the starving unemployed of the UK and giving it away to fund terrorists in other countries. At least when the social unrest here gets so bad, the rich and bloated middle flee abroad to escape it, we can look back with fondness on the man who gave the Tory's a conscience and a bit of moral dignity.''

Actually, It is high time for Cameron's rude interferences in the internal affairs of the Syrians. Cameron's sole ''safe passage'' as to evade the repetition of London terrorist attacks, is to stop harboring, arming and financing the extremists and salafists in action against the Syrians. Cameron has to immediately renounce the new role assigned to him by Petro-dollars as the head of the snake, to replace the already smashed head of some French officials.


Dr. M.A. Al-Ibrahim