Chemical Hallucination

The US administration is deliberating with the Congress the possibility of  waging a military action against Syria. It also mulls a limited short-term aggression, accusing the Syrian Arab army of allegedly using chemical weapons in  East Gouta in Damascus countryside.

Syria, who strenuously denies these accusations ,asserts by indelible evidence, that the armed terrorist groups are those who used chemical weapons. Therefore, Syria  clarifies to the public opinion the following points :

According to Syria, the aggression is an aggression whether it is one raid or more than one ,either intermittent or consecutive. So Syria has  legal and legislative rights to  defend  itself  against this aggression and deter

the perpetrators against it  by using its shield force .Not to go into details, many surprises will flabbergast the raiders.

Secondly, Syria  considers  the aggression against it as a bid by the West ,Gulf States, Turkey and to enable the terrorist groups to achieve  progress after having sustained enormous defeats owing to  the steadfastness of the Syrian Arab Army.

 These Wahhabi and Takfiri terrorists groups sent by al-Saud had been eliminated by the Syrian valiant army. The armed terrorists groups  want to destroy Syria and divide it aiming at weakening the state  to become a  docile doll by Western hands.

The heinous crimes perpetrated by the armed terrorists groups were manifested beyond doubt by destroying the infrastructure, mutilating bodies with machetes ,the thing that reflects the spitefulness of these terrorists groups and their supporters.

Peace-loving nations, who are  working for spreading peace in Syria and the region in general,  considered the U.S. aggression against Syria  a deliberate attempt to legalize the use of chemical weapons by the terrorist groups which are supplied by Saudi Arabia with large quantities of deadly sarin gas and  the  means of usage.

Certainly, the Syrian competent authorities  have  dozens of evidence to confirm that  al- Saud supplied the terrorists in Syria with the chemical weapons to be used against the Syrian Arab Army and people. This is what really happened and the Americans know and recognize the matter very  well.

Is the congress willing to follow his British counterpart who strongly rejects the aggression against Syria?

H. Shamout