Obama’s careless adventure deals serious blow to world order

The US has always been claiming that it is very keen on democracy, human rights and the principles of the international law, but in fact it is the most country in the world which takes unilateral actions that blatantly violate the UN charter and the basic principles of the international law.  Knowing before hand, that the UN Security Council will foil his devastating adventure to launch a military action against Syria, thanks to the existence of the wise and balanced policy of Russia and China which have been working for advocating a peaceful solution for the crisis in Syria, US President Barack Obama and his ilk are pressing ahead to recruit allies to support his reckless and irresponsible military move against Syria.

Obama and his aides should know that any military intervention in Syria will deal a serious blow to the entire system of world order. Military strikes on Syria without UN Security Council’s approval would damage the existing world order which is based on the Council. The military aggression on Syria  will be considered as an aggression on the UN member states and a direct intervention and violation of the sovereignty of states.

Such actions bypassing the UN Security Council will inflict huge damage to the system based on the central role of the UN, because they cancel the UN and its bodies to achieve US interests and the interests of its main ally in the region, Israel.

The US has no right to speak on behalf of the international community of the need for a military intervention in Syria.  It also has no right to speak on behalf of NATO which refuses to participate in combat operations and destroying Damascus.

The strategic mistakes of the American politicians in waging wars will shed the blood of innocent people and will cause huge losses at all levels.

The military aggression on Syria will be the worst mistake by the US and the West and will blow up the situation in the whole region as it may spread chaos in the Middle East and lead to destabilize the situation in the region.

Former US President Jimmy Carter warned Obama of the adverse consequences of such illegitimate war which will increase tension in the whole region and badly affect the UN and its institutions. Such an act will not bring a solution, but rather it would complicate the situation in the whole region. The US and its allies are taking steps to escalate the Syrian issue and increase tensions in an already volatile area.

These threats show Washington's disappointment over its failure to accomplish its goals and show that a political solution and the international conference on Syria in Geneva do not suit US, because it does not meet the sinister American Israeli agenda in the region. The US is seeking through these threats and any ensuing strikes to make an adjustment in the balance in power to give a better bargaining position for the armed terrorist groups. Events indicate that the arrogant and hostile countries have started their plots to ignite sedition and chaos in the region after they saw that the developments are not going to serve their interests anymore.

The West is seeking to target Syria as it is considered the main resistance front in the region. Any unilateral use of force behind the UN's back will thwart international efforts to reach a diplomatic political solution for the Syrian crisis, and will escalate the situation in the Middle East in a destructive manner, and the example of Libya is crystal clear where unilateral intervention caused grave repercussions.

This impudent action against Syria is part of a global geopolitical sabotage. Those who are encouraging war against Syria have to be held accountable for the loss of innocent lives and other catastrophic consequences of such irresponsible war.