US threats won’t weaken Syrians’ will

The US and Israel won't weaken the strong will and determination of Syrian people in their battle against Takfiri terrorism. The US along with regional and Arab conspirators on Syria started to prepare for a military strike after failing to implement their sinister plans by their criminal tools in Syria. After the enemies' tools in Syria failed to undermine the Syrians' steadfastness, they started a hectic campaign for a military intervention, but they are doomed to fail, thanks to the Syrians' high awareness and their valiant armed forces. The Syrians have always been steadfast in the face of the conspiracies and they have the right to defend themselves, their dignity and lands by using all means available.

Many countries are rushing to make threats of causing more war and destruction instead of paving the way for Geneva 2 conference to find a peaceful solution for the crisis based on conducting a comprehensive dialogue among all spectra of Syrian society.

Arab, regional and world countries have echoed threats and shown muscle-flexing against Syria. Such military escalation gives new evidence that these states have never been interested in the political settlement of the crisis. From the very beginning of the crisis, they have been supporting the armed terrorist groups with funds and weapons to commit criminal and sabotage acts against Syrian people and their public and private properties.

Syrian people are standing in the same trench with their great army in the face of any military aggression on Syria. The Syrian army and people are ready to confront any form of the military aggression on the country by the US and its allies, and they will decisively respond to the attack. The main loser in any war in the region is the side which starts it, because it does not realize the adverse consequences of such unilateral adventure which will enflame the region and brings more violence, bloodshed and devastation.

Syrian people fear no aggression and they would gain eventual victory against their enemies thanks to their steadfastness and the heroism of their brave armed forces.

Syria is exposed to a fierce attack which has not been witnessed by any country in the world waged by international Takfiri terrorism and financed by regional and Arab Gulf states, particularly Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey under the supervision of the USA which is fuelling the crisis in the country and foiling any political efforts because it adopted the fabricated accusations of the armed groups concerning the use of chemical weapons in Eastern Ghuta.

Such fierce attack targets Syria's role due to its rejection of the submission deals with Israel and its full support for the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine. The threats for launching an aggression on Syria aim at stopping the landslide victories which the Syrian army has achieved against the armed terrorist groups in several areas and to raise the morale of the terrorists after their humiliating defeats and the heavy losses inflicted upon them.

Syria restored dignity and pride for the Arab nation thanks to the steadfastness of its people and army in face of the international terrorism.

Syrian people are ready to confront the aggression, which is a reaction to the sweeping victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army against the armed terrorist groups, particularly in eastern Ghouta.