US Military action doomed to failure

The US foreign interference and military action against Syria is extremely dangerous for the whole Middle East region and the world as a whole. Israel and al-Qaida-linked Takfiri groups will be the only beneficiary of such attack because weakening Syria and its resistant role in the region is one of the main objectives of the US-Zionist plot in the region.

History repeats itself. The use of force in Iraq and Libya has incurred awful consequences and there have been no security, stability or improvement in living conditions in the region. On the contrary, we are witnessing a state of unprecedented instability. Violent acts and bombings are carried out by the Takfiri terrorist groups claiming the lives of scores of innocent people daily in Bagdad and several Iraqi cities, while in Libya, chaos and instability are the salient features of life in various Libyan cities where armed gangs are carrying out vandalism and sabotage acts.

The US and its Western allies should think about it a thousand times before launching an attack which will create chaos and destruction in the whole region, because the repercussions could be dramatic and catastrophic not only in Syria, but in the region as a whole.

Those who call for military intervention in Syria are working for obstructing the strenuous efforts being exerted to find a peaceful settlement for the crisis, especially the U.S.-Russian efforts for holding the Geneva international conference. Washington and London alleged that the Syrian Army is blameworthy even before receiving the results of the UN experts' investigation. It is very clear that these two countries only want to convict Syria and they'll definitely reject anything that contradicts their desire to do so, just as the US did ten years ago when former US President George Bush Junior fabricated the big lie of weapons of mass destruction and recruited an international alliance to strike Iraq without verifying his false allegations. 

The US and Britain have been assuming in advance an accusatory stance against Syrian government and army on the issue of alleged chemical weapons use in Eastern Ghuta. All this brings to mind the events ten years ago when fabricated information on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction was used to allow the US to embark on a disaster behind the UN's back, the results of which have become well-known as Iraqi people are still suffering from the adverse consequences of Bush’s sinister military adventures.

The US and its allies fabricated an accusation and now they are trying to collect evidence to prove their false allegations. The US and its allies, which are trying to impose the results of the investigation and threaten use of force against Syria in advance, must return to their senses and refrain from making tragic mistakes that will lead to killing, destruction, instability and insecurity.

The current clamour and media fanfare over what happened in Eastern Ghuta definitely aims at interfering with the work of the independent UN experts investigating chemical weapons use whose work has started successfully. This hubbub looks suspicious when one remembers that Paris and London hindered sending a mission to Syria to investigate the use of toxic gases by the armed groups last March 10th in Khan al-Assal near Aleppo for five months during which the armed groups were able to conceal a lot of evidence about their use of chemical weapons against innocent people.

Any aggression on Syria is illegitimate as the UN team charged to investigate into the use of chemical weapons in Syria hasn't yet completed its mission and hasn't sent its report. The UN secretary general and his aides stressed that there isn’t any evidence that proves that Syrian army used chemical weapons in Eastern Ghuta.

Any military intervention by the US would end in failure. If any US or foreign military intervention takes place, then it will have very grave repercussions, first of which would be chaos and fire which will burn the entire Middle East and Arab region. It is regrettable that some Arab states are working very hard and eagerly waiting for the Western strike against Syria.