Sinister goals behind politicised accusations

Politicised accusations have been one of the cheap tools used by the US and its allies to achieve the sinister objectives of their conspiracy against Syria, especially as Syrian people and army foiled the conspiracy and exposed the dirty role of the US and its allies.

These accusations have been escalated during the past few days for several reasons, especially with regard to the alleged use of chemical weapons. The first and most important reason behind these accusations was the great progress realised by the Syrian Arab army in clearing vast areas of Takfiri terrorist groups eliminating scores of terrorists and inflicting heavy losses upon them. This is what prompted the armed groups to use chemical weapons with the aim of making gains by blaming it on the Syrian Army.  In light of the great victories of the Syrian armed forces and the humiliating defeats of the armed terrorist groups, the Syrian Army can't possibly be desperate or suicidal in order to use chemical weapons; these weapons were used by the armed groups as an act of provocation and frustration.

Another important reason for such fabricated allegation was to prolong the crisis, prevent the convening of the Geneva conference and block any peaceful settlement of the crisis in Syria. The West supports the Geneva conference in words but indeed it sends sophisticated weapons to the terrorists in Syria to kill innocent Syrian people and devastate their public and private properties. Chemical weapons couldn't have reached terrorists in Syria without Washington's approval and facilitations, and the terrorists wouldn't have used these weapons if the US didn't give them the green light to do so. The chemical weapons card is currently being played because the US and their allies are losing their proxy war on Syria.

The third reason was to distract the UN investigation team from its original mission according to the agreement signed between the UN and the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry.

Syria has clear-cut evidence on the use of chemical weapons by the armed terrorist groups through eyewitnesses and soil and air samples. There's an attempt to divert the committee from its tasks and mission because it has sites to visit and evidence to go through, and the attempts to disrupt the committee shows dissatisfaction over the way Syria responded to this team and its complete cooperation with it, and this would explain why al- Ghouta incident took place on the first day of the committee's actual work.

The US didn't act when Khan al-Assal incident took place when Syria made an official complaint, addressing the UN and requesting a probe committee to investigate into the atrocious massacre perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups there. When the US and its regional and Arab allies realized that the ones who committed the crime in Khan al-Assal were armed terrorist groups, they tried to delay the committee and started hindering and procrastinating any agreement and talking about several areas and conditions.

What happened in Khan al-Assal proves that those who used chemical weapons there can use them anywhere else, and that the use of such weapons shows that the terrorist groups are feeling helpless and frustrated as they attempt to halt the Syrian Army's progress.