Internal strife, enemy’s deadliest weapon

The coward terrorist acts that rocked the Lebanese city of Tripoli yesterday claiming the lives of 42 people with more than 500 wounded are not separate from last week’s criminal blast that took place in the Southern suburb of Beirut.

The nasty hands that committed the heinous crimes in Tripoli are the same ones behind the criminal blast that rocked Beirut's southern suburb last week. Moreover, the two terrorist bombings are not aloof from what is going on in Syria, Iraq and Egypt as the Pro-US-Zionist projects in the region are trying to sow sectarian sedition and drag it into a state of chaos and destruction to implement political and economic plans that serve Israel and its allies. So, Tripoli and Beirut awful bombings cannot be separated from what is happening in Egypt where the Muslim Brotherhood members are committing savage massacres in the name of religion. They are not also detached from the situation in Syria where the Saudi-Qatari-backed takfiri groups are perpetrating heinous crimes with the aim of inciting sectarian wars that can achieve the sinister goals of the US and its allies. These savage crimes cannot also be isolated from the explosions and bombings that are taking place in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities claiming the lives of scores of innocent people daily. The weapons being used in such terrorist attacks inside Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Egypt have been paid for, and supplied by, the US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, France, the UK, and the Israelis.

Tripoli’s terrorist explosions are a continuation of the project that aims to drag Lebanon and the whole region into chaos and destruction, and accomplish the hateful objectives of the Zionist enemy and all the states which stand behind it. The explosions aimed to prompt the Lebanese people to fight internally under religious and sectarian titles, which serves the hypocrite regional-international project that wants to divide the region and drown it in seas of blood and fire, and the only beneficiary will be Israel and its allies. The sole purpose of such atrocious acts is to keep the Middle East in turmoil and in a constant state of war so that colonialist objectives can be achieved easily.

This terrorist, Takfiri, criminal and aggressive war which is led by hostile counties, including Arab and regional tools such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, aim to weaken the Arab region and end the axis of resistance through enticing internal sectarian conflicts that devastate the whole region and make it an easy target for Israel and its allies.

The internal strife is the deadliest weapon used by Israel and US and their tools in the region which have Takfiri mentality in a bid to stir up internal conflicts that aim to deflect the national resistance away from the battle with Israel. There is no doubt that this is an act of Israelis and its affiliate terror organizations, its main aim is to start sectarian conflicts to weaken the resistance movement in Lebanon and Syria.