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The West’s support for potential enemies

 Despite the fact that the US and its Western and regional allies have confirmed that the only solution for the Syrian crisis is political, their covert actions and clandestine policies run contrary to their public statements, especially with regard to training and funding the armed terrorist groups and exporting them to Syria.

The West's unjustifiable intervention in Syria's internal affairs aggravates the crisis in it and causes instability there and in the region as a whole. The West's attempt to force a regime change in a country and appoint rulers loyal to it is a wrong thing that violates the UN Charter and all international conventions and hinders all efforts being exerted to reach a political solution to the crisis through a comprehensive dialogue to be conducted among all spectra of Syrian society.

The so-called "Arab Spring" has been, as far many Arab countries are concerned, mere endless bloody confrontations, regime change and continuous unrest that serve the American Zionist project in the region. The pretexts of protecting national interests and human rights have been used for toppling countries' political systems, interfering in their internal affairs and leading pro-West regimes to come into power to achieve certain political and economic interests.

The Western hypocrite stand towards Syria is clearly manifested through media reports which disclose the role of these states in training extremist fighters, funding them and exporting them to Syria to fight along with the armed terrorist groups, commit savage massacres against innocent Syrians and destroy the infrastructure of the country.

The American New York Times newspaper said in a recent issue that a rising number of radicalized young Muslims with Western passports are travelling to Syria to fight with the armed terrorist groups.

The U.S. National Counterterrorism Center also stressed that the number of terrorists going to fight in Syria from Europe and the US is on the increase.

The US and its Western and regional allies have been facilitating the entry of extremist fighters to Syria after training and funding them. However, following their shameful involvement in exporting hundreds of terrorists to Syria, they began to express concern about the possible return of these terrorists to their countries. So, they encourage terrorists to commit crimes in Syria and take strict measures to prevent their return to their homelands for fear of their criminal acts.

According to the US and its allies, terrorism is encouraged and supported against Syrian people, but banned and combated in the US and Europe.  

The London-based newspaper 'The Guardian' quoted a report as saying that Al-Qaida elements fighting with armed groups in Syria constitute the most serious terrorist threat to Britain, and should al-Qaida get hold of chemical weapons, the consequences could be catastrophic.

 These fighters, who were supported and funded by the US and its regional and Western allies, began to frighten American and European intelligence officials when the fighters return home.

In this regard, France's Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, described the threat of Western fighters returning from Syria as a ticking time bomb. He admitted that French nationals are fighting among the armed terrorist groups in Syria under the name of 'Jihadists", warning that those could be enemies to France if they returned to it.

 Valls’ statement clearly reflects the double standards practiced by the West regarding combating terrorism.