Celebrating Eid al-Fitr, Syrians are more determined to fight terrorism, end crisis

As the Syrian people are celebrating Eid al-Fitr and breaking the fast of the holy month of Ramadan, they are more determined to fight terrorism, end the crisis and rebuild what have been destroyed by the armed terrorist groups. 

On this great day, we have to remember the great role of the valiant Syrian army and the heroic deeds of the armed forces in the battle against terrorism. The forces of terrorism are an extension of Arab and regional countries that seek to prevent Syria from carrying out its national, regional and international role, especially confronting the American Zionist projects in the region which aim at making Israel invade the Arab region and control it economically and politically.

 Terrorism should be uprooted in order for politics to move well to find a peaceful settlement for the crisis away from any form of foreign diktat. Unifying the army and the people to eliminate terrorism is the only way to restore security and stability to Syria which was an example for security and stability on the level of the world as a whole. But the pro-Zionist axis hatched a global conspiracy against Syria to destabilize the country and weaken its pivotal regional role. However, the Syrian people’s high awareness and their rallying behind their wise and courageous leadership foiled the conspiracy and the sinister plans concocted against Syria, its people and the region.

 On this occasion, Syrians nationwide are renewing the pledge to defend the homeland and face the global conspiracy no matter how big with more steadfastness, determination and confidence in victory against Syria’s enemies.

Syria's steadfastness in the war targeting it is an example to follow which proved that the people armed with free political will and independent decision can conquer all challenges and foil conspiracies.

On this day, Syrian people remember with great pride the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of their homeland and people and express solidarity with their families.

We have to remember that the crisis should be resolved through dialogue among all spectra of society. We have to confirm that only the Syrians themselves can end the crisis, and there is no alternative other than the political and transparent dialogue based on national accord and the rejection of all forms of foreign intervention.

Syrian people, who are facing international terrorism with all its forms on the security, military and economic levels, still believe that dialogue is possible and necessary to unify the Syrians' efforts in confronting terrorism and defending the homeland, its dignity and sovereignty.

At this stage, it is very important for Syrians to be united to come out of this crisis victorious, restore security and stability to the whole country and start a relentless process of rebuilding and construction.

We hope that by next Ramadan, Syria will have recovered from this painful crisis with security and stability restored to it.