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The devastating role of Arab and regional states in inflaming crisis

From the very beginning of the crisis in Syria, Arab and regional states have been playing a devastating role in inflaming the crisis through hosting, training, arming and funding the armed terrorist groups to carry out heinous crimes and criminal acts against Syrian people and their public and private properties. 

This devastating role was clearly exposed through media outlets which have circulated many reports about the US and its regional and Arab allies’ intervention in Syria’s internal affairs.

It has been proved that Erdogan’s government has opened its airports and borders to terrorist members to carry out terrorist acts against the Syrian people in a flagrant violation of the international law and the rules of good neighbourliness.

Implementing the orders of the US administration, the current Turkish government has allowed the entry of thousands of al-Qaeda terrorists and takfiris and Wahhabis to commit their crimes of killing the innocent Syrians, blowing up their properties and spreading chaos and sabotage in Syria with the aim of destroying the country and weakening the Syrian Arab army.

The Justice and Development government in Turkey is part of the extremist Muslim Brotherhood project in the region, which is why it is conspiring against Syria. The Muslim Brotherhood seeks to assume control, not build states.

What happened in Khan al-Assal recently gives a new proof on the involvement of neighbouring countries in this atrocious crime through providing military, logistic and financial support for the armed terrorist groups.

It has become well-known that the terrorists are directed, trained, armed and funded by the US, France, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey who are legally responsible for the savage massacres and criminal acts of their terrorist agents.

The Saudi regime is involved in supporting terrorists who fight Arab armies, and there are many members from the royal Saudi families who direct the arming and funding of terrorists from neighbouring states.

Saudi Arabia has been carrying out this destructive role for decades as it seeks to destroy the pan-Arab project and cause fragmentation and instability in the region in service of the American-Zionist project.

Qatar is also playing a very vicious role since it started from the very beginning of the crisis to offer unlimited financial and military support for the armed terrorist groups in Syria.

The continued silence on those crimes in the framework of immoral coalitions between Turkey and a number of influential countries at the UN Security council, in addition to Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Libya which send carriers of weapons into Syria's neighbouring states means supporting the terror, funding it and instigating killing and destruction in Syria.