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New Test for UN credibility

It is completely unacceptable for the US and its Western allies to continue turning a blind eye and a deaf ear regarding the criminal acts and savage atrocities committed by the armed terrorist groups in Syria. Blatant Human rights violations and heinous crimes are committed by these groups against Syrian people and their public and private properties daily and the international community is still keeping silent towards such awful acts.

One of the atrocious massacres committed by the armed terrorist groups was the atrocity of Khan al-Assal in Aleppo countryside, causing the martyrdom of at least 25 civilians and the injury of over 100 others. The terrorist groups' members arranged a murder of civilians and military personnel, maimed the bodies of some victims, put them in a big trench in the town's suburbs and burned other martyrs’ bodies showing the ugliness of their criminal acts.

The brutal massacre was perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra and "Liwaa Ansar al-Khilafa".

The double standard policy adopted by some Security Council member countries regarding combating terrorism prevented the UN Security Council from condemning the atrocities of the al-Qaeda-affiliated takfiri groups which have been responsible for the terrorist explosions in various areas in the country. The stances of these countries run contrary to the international agreement on combating terrorism, increase committing more atrocities against the Syrians and obstruct the strenuous efforts to reach a political solution for the crisis based on inter-Syrian dialogue that meets the Syrian people’s aspirations and demands away from any foreign diktat.

The armed terrorist groups which are linked to al-Qaeda have committed the savage massacre in Khan al-Assal town to erase the traces of the chemical weapons use in this area. The main goal of this carnage is killing all witnesses on the use of the chemical weapons by the armed terrorist groups.

Unfortunately, none of the Western parties has taken a stand against such acts or against the foreign gunmen within the ranks of the terrorist groups in Syria.

The Takfiri terrorist groups and their backers must be held accountable for their acts. The terrorists who committed Khan al-Assal massacre and the countries which support, fund and arm them must be held accountable, and they will pay dearly for this heinous crime.

Another goal of the massacre is to terrorize the Syrian people and alter the situation on the ground, particularly since the Syrian Army is making progress in its qualitative operations targeting the dens of terrorists everywhere in the country.

The UN Security Council and the Human Rights Council should adopt responsible procedures as regards fighting the terrorism Syria is facing because of the al-Qaeda linked takfiri groups.

The UN Security Council should also reveal facts connected to the horrible massacre in Khan al-Assal away from double standard policies which have been advocated by the US and its Western allies since the very beginning of the crisis in Syria.