Westerners Should Guard against a Future Wave of Madness!




Some Western anti-Syria stances complicate the crisis in Syria, as clearly was stated by Minister Sergei Lavrov of Russia yesterday. Actually, some of these Western countries, under the influence of their colonial past and present, not to mention the US dictations, still insist upon fuelling unrest and violence in Syria. These Countries, according to different analyses, have their own selfish agendas, not only for Syria, but for the entire Mideast region. They become accustomed to thrive on the region's suffering, occupation, resources and petro-dollars money. Unsurprisingly their tit-for-tat relations with their proxies in the region, among Gulf countries, do contribute to instability and security. These westerners should guard against a future wave of madness by the already Gulf in-making and in action cells of 'jihadists'!

The Syrian people is very well aware of the ongoing, which is to be foiled by the Syrians themselves, thanks to the Syrian Army, unity and harmony among the Syrians, and last but not the least to the democratically elected President, H.E. Bashar Hafez Al-Assad, who is, and by the majority of the Syrians, the glittering hope for a better tomorrow, away from the US-Israeli and western hegemony and exploitation.

It is by all accounts the majority's decision to fight the foreign-backed, gulf-financed armed terrorist groups, the '' mercenaries fighting on the side of the Syrian insurgents keep arriving in the country from neighboring states,'', as Minister Lavrov accurately has put it, would be but crushed and some of them would, for sure, return to their financers and countries of origin, if not to some Western countries.


Dr. M.A. Al-Ibrahim