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Pakistani Syrian relations on the rise

Relations between Pakistan and Syria have been good historically. Pakistan was part of the silk route and trade was good between the two countries. In 1973 Pakistan sent an army contingent to fight along with the Syrian Army.In the 1970s, the President of  Hafez al-Assad came to Pakistan to participate in the international Organization of Islamic Conference.He was the first Syrian President to have visited Pakistan. Bilateral ties have remained more or less cordial since then, with Pakistan supporting the Syrian position over the disputed Golan Heights..In the last ten years when Syria was facing a terrorist war against it , Pakistan was not swayed by American or Westren influence and kept its head ,refusing to be party to the countries working against the good of the Syrian people. Recently commercial air travel resumed between the two countries.However most important was the statement by President of Pakistan, Arif Alvi on the 23rd of November when he said that  that Syria’s victory against terrorism is an appreciated step for all.

President Alvi made this statement when he  received Syria's Education Minister, Darem Tabaa .The President  called for exchanging expertise between Syria and Pakistan in culture and education domains and the need for making use of technology to develop education.

Syriatimes was able to access Mr. Mazen Obeid Syria's  Charge d' Affaires  to Islamabad after the visit of Minister Tabaa and he highlighted the following points.

"Recently, relations between Syria and Pakistan witnessed a remarkable development, as a result of the desire of the governments in the two friendly countries to develop these relations. Of course, political relations are as old as history. Our aim is that relations in various fields rise to the level of the existing political relations between the two countries, as recently, on September 17, 2021, the first flight from Karachi to Damascus started, and they are charter flights via Pakistan Airlines (PIA).

The granting of entry visas for Pakistani citizens wishing to visit the holy places in Syria was resumed, bearing in mind that the Pakistani people  have great love and appreciation for Syria and its ancient history.

Also a number of memoranda of understanding and agreements were signed, the last of which was the cultural agreement between Syria and Pakistan, in order to enhance cooperation in the fields of education, culture and higher education. And in the coming days, a memorandum of understanding will be signed in the field of tourism and investment as the official visits between the two countries have resumed through the visit of the Minister of Education, which resulted in the signing of the aforementioned agreement.

The two embassies, the Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic in Islamabad, and the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Damascus, under the directives of the two foreign ministries of the two countries, are exerting great efforts to enhance cooperation between the two countries."


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