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Ja’fari condemns “Turkification” in North Syria

Part III

Dr. Bashar Al Ja’fari Deputy Foreign Minister denounced  the policy of “Turkification” that Turkey is pursuing in the North of Syria and North West – in the areas that it currently occupies “Turkey has forced the people residing in these areas to trade and do business in the Turkish Lira only -  it is the Turkish flag that flies in the skies of these areas and not the Syrian ones .Schools, streets and squares have been given Turkish names. The industry of fabric making in addition to the machinery needed have all been dismantled and transported to Turkey.” Dr. Ja’fari calls this ‘economic terrorism’ and it is being  practiced by Turkey against Syria.

  Dr. Ja’fari’s accusations against Turkey were met with a flurry of discussions in Turkey especially that the Bekir interviews had acted as a preliminary to Dr. Ja’fari’s comments. The issue of sending weapons to Syria from Turkey, of Turkey’s trading with terrorist groups, of its pillaging and looting of Syrian property and produce will hopefully result in a  demand to halt these practices.   

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Reem Haddad