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Turkey’s trade ties with ISIS

Part II

Dr. Bashar Al Ja’fari deputy minister of foreign affairs  confirmed what Turkish Mafioso Bekir said about their being strong trade ties between Turkey and ISIS, saying “the statement of Bekir that the Turkish regime steals our oil, gas and, wheat produce and other resources is true. Let us remember that during the years 2015,2016 stealing Syrian oil was under the direct management and  coordination of the son of Erdogan.”

Russia had also accused the son of Erdogan in 2015 of trading in Syrian oil with ISIS. “Turkey’s  is the main destination for the oil stolen from its legitimate owner, which are Syria and Iraq,” Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antinov told journalist “Turkey’s resells this oil. The appalling part about it is that the country’s  top political leadership is involved in the illegal business-President Erdogan and his family.”

Russia further on proved its statement by showing satellite images  of tanker tracks being loaded with oil at installations controlled by ISIS in Syria and Iraq and then crossing the border into Turkey.

Syrian and Russian accusations come as confirmation to what Bekir said in one of his video’s, where he accused the Turkish president indirectly of managing an illegal trade through a group of people in the north of Syria worth millions of dollars .This money was gained by Turkey through the illegal trade of raw oil, tea, sugar, aluminum, copper and used cars.

Bekir states that this trade takes place solely through the Presidential Director of Administrative Affairs Metin Kiratli , who in turn channels traders to coordinate with Murad Sancak and Ramadan Ozturk – both are partners of Abed Al Rahman a man responsible  for the finances of the terrorist organization ISIS. 


Reem Haddad