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Sarin gas transported from Libya to Syria

Part I

Sadat Bekir, Turkish notorious Mafioso boss and ex friend to Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan stated more than once that Erdogan was behind the chemical attacks that happened in the countryside of Idleb.

Now, deputy prime minister of Syria Dr.Bashar Al , has confirmed this in an interview with DW German television station “sarin gas was transported from Libya to Jabhet Al Nusra in  Syria through Syrian agents working for Turkey in order to carry out a chemical attack in the countryside of Idleb.”

Dr. Ja’fari continues to say that the Syrian government has confirmed information about the violations that Turkey has carried out against Syria and its destructive attitude. This behavior unfortunately has been ignored by the world community, even though Syria has sent more than 108 letters and complaints to Security Council at the United Nations. These letters contain detailed information about the nature of the relationship between the regime of Erdogan and active terrorists in Syria. Terrorists that have been sent by Turkey through the  common borders of Syria and Turkey.

Al Ja’fari then goes into more detail saying that “Ankara’s relationship with terrorist groups goes deep-very deep. Haytham Kasar an agent of Turkey’s security service transported two liters of Sarin gas. This gas was carried on board a civilian flight from Libya. The flight landed in Istanbul in May 2013. From Istanbul this same man carried the gas to Gazi Entab and from there to the Syrian borders, to the terrorist organization Jabhet AlNusra which then carried out a chemical attack that resulted in the death and strangulation of many civilians and military personal in the countryside of Aleppo. The plan was to of course accuse the Syrian government of carrying out this attack. The same actions were repeated many times.

Bekir in one of his videos has also confessed to sending trucks loaded with weapons and military equipment to help our “Turkmani brothers”. This influx of weapons was called “The aid convoy of Sadat Bekir”. He claims to be surprised when his convoy had other trucks attached to it – trucks sent from a mercenary Turkish company headed by Adnan Tanriverdi- advisor to Erdogan. A man who believes in “one Islamic nation headed by Turkey”. The convoys of this man were sent to help the terrorist organization Jabhet Al Nasra. 

Reem Haddad