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Exclusive statement from Retired Virginia state senator Richard Black to the Syria Times

Retired Virginia state senator Richard Black argued that the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad's criticism of America’s embrace of transgenderism, marijuana use, and homosexual marriage was entirely accurate.

He said in a statement sent on Wednesday to the Syria Times e-newspaper under the title "Syria’s President Decries America’s Decaying Moral Values," the Senator said:

President Assad recently criticized America’s embrace of transgenderism, marijuana use, and homosexual marriage. Sadly, his remarks were entirely accurate.

Though rarely prosecuted, homosexual sodomy was a criminal offense in America until the U.S. Supreme Court legalized it in 2015. Today, Court decisions have practically elevated sodomy to a national virtue. Homosexuals are given special legal protections, including preferences in government hiring.

Even during the darkest hours of the Roman Empire, no one imagined that sodomy could become a basis for marriage. But soon after legalizing sodomy, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a decree establishing same-sex marriage for the first time in human history.

To celebrate that revolutionary decision, the White House immediately lit up with rainbow-colored lights. The U.S. State Department quickly began pressuring foreign nations to relax their moral codes and to adopt a libertine approach to such things. Embassies often flew rainbow flags, celebrating gay pride day in defiance of host nations’ moral sensibilities.

Religious freedom quickly eroded afterward. The 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution says that religious freedom is an inalienable right, yet small businesses were forced to participate in homosexual “marriage” celebrations or suffer severe financial consequences. Some U.S. courts subordinated religious freedom to homosexuality, and that is not what the Founders of the Constitution intended.

Western nations are rejecting traditional morality at a furious pace. Liberals have concocted the notion that males and females don’t actually exist--except in one’s own mind. They teach that a boy can be a girl and a girl can be a boy. This year, a Virginia teacher was fired for refusing to use male pronouns when referring to a girl who wishes that she were a boy.

Some liberals refuse to list the sex of newborn babies on birth certificates. They intend to let children “choose” their sex as they grow older. Some young girls have surgically slashed off their breasts in a hideous manifestation of this novel depravity.

Transgenderism is not only depraved, it is irrational. Even the youngest child or the most deeply insane person knows the difference between the sexes.

And sexual aberrations are not our only moral challenges. After decades of struggling against marijuana and narcotics, politicians have begun embracing a new culture of marijuana intoxication. Companies selling marijuana are listed on public stock exchanges, and since heroin addicts nearly always start by smoking marijuana, we can expect to see more drug addiction soon.

Moral lapses are always inherent in human nature, but they become dangerously corrosive when facilitated by government decrees. Governments that compel people to abandon their religious and moral beliefs, are doomed to failure.

We cannot predict how soon the erosion of moral standards will destroy Western civilization, but history tells us that over time, nations without morals cannot survive.

I love my country, and have shed blood for it. But unless America restores its moral values and reliance on God, the future may be dark indeed.

Basma Qaddour