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Syrian citizens: Recent terrorist crimes express the bankruptcy of the terrorist organizations & their sponsors

Governorates (ST): The US and the Turkish regime have been working to revive the terrorist Daesh (ISIS) organization to implement colonialist agendas at the expense of the blood of the Syrian people who have proved that these agendas are doomed to inevitable failure thanks to the great sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army.

In Lattakia, Moammad Khadra affirmed that the terrorist attacks against Syrian people would not dissuade the Syrian people from pressing ahead with their struggle against terrorism and its supporters.

Hussein Hamdan, a student at the faculty of engineering, stressed that the Syrian people would not tolerate the perpetrators of these heinous crimes, noting that Washington’s attempts, whether in economic blockade or  in terrorist attacks, would fail thanks to the heroic deeds of the Syrian Arab army men.

Nour al-Miftah said that the Syrian people have been rallying behind the Syrian Arab army and is confident that this army is capable to defeat terrorism and force the occupation troops out of the Syrian territories.

The Dean of the Pharmacology Faculty at Tichrin University in Lattakia  Dr. Mohammad Nasser said that the terrorist attacks aim to undermine the  unity of the Syrian people, while Dr. Mohammad Qusro said that these heinous crimes target the Syrian society and aim to prolong the crisis in Syria. 

The people of Qameshli said that the terrorist crimes in different Syrian areas are an expression of the bankruptcy of the terrorist organizations. 

Ahmad Alloush from the village of Abu Qassayeb expressed confidence that the Syrian Arab army would end the attempts being made to revive Daesh and other terrorist organizations. 

Muntaha al-Eyadeh affirmed that the recent terrorist attacks in the Syrian Badia aimed to revive terrorist organizations by their operators, the Turkish and US occupation forces.

Abdel Salam al-Abousi said that the only solution for us is to rally behind the Syrian Arab army to uproot terrorism completely. 

In Homs, Nada Ibrahim held the states hostile to Syria responsible for the recent terrorist crimes which led to the martyrdom and injury of several civilians and military personnel.

Seba Wassouf, from the Culture Directorate in the city, referred to the strong connection between terrorism and the regimes that sponsor it, especially the US and Turkish regimes. 

In Dara’a, Shawakh Allou affirmed that the recent terrorist attacks are a new episode added to the US criminal record.