Belgian politician to ST: Strait of Hormuz is a potential nightmare for everyone

The Failure of the United States to reimpose all international sanctions against Iran has laid bare the differences between Washington and other members of the Security Council on Iran policy.

According to a Belgian politician, the United Nation has understood that it's now absolutely necessary to stop escalation with Iran. 

" The United Nation members,except the US, are afraid that if Iran becomes weak from the economical point of view, there could be a violent reaction to change the situation," Hervé Van Laethem, who chairs the 'Nation' Party, told Syria Times e-newspaper. 

He referred to the fact that Strait of Hormuz is a potential nightmare for everyone. 

The politician believes that it will be difficult to resolve this matter at this moment because Europe is not really a power against USA, which is totally (more than ever) under control of Zionist forces [Israel]. 

" The crisis in Lebanon, the situation in Iraq, the economical situation of Iran, all this points give some opportunities to US and Israeli policies," Laethem clarified. 

He asserted that his party is still an anti-imperialist movement, so it condemns all international sanctions that are being imposed under the pressure of USA. 

Over the past 2 months, the United States has lost to Iran three times in a place where it thought would not be defeated.

The bid by the United States to trigger "snapback" sanctions against Iran was dismissed by the UN and it was immediately rejected by Britain, France, and Germany, the three US allies who are party to the deal.

 American officials are themselves aware that their claims with regard to restoring sanctions against Iran are false.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour