The ministerial statement of the government in the opinion of a number of parliament members

A number of members of the People's Assembly(Parliament) stressed the importance of laying down the ministerial statement of the government that includes its work program for the next stage within an executive timetable to rise to the level of people's aspiration, especially improving the conditions of living of citizens.

Member of Parliament Dr. Muhammad Khairal-Akam stressed the importance of the government's commitment to implementing its plans that it mentioned in the statement within a clear and specific timeframe, taking into account the difficult circumstances the country is going through.

Al-Akam called for supporting the media, protecting investigative journalists, and increasing compensation for media work to advance the reality of the journalism in the country.


Member of Parliament Qusay Al-Thuljah saidthat the statement should have been expanded on some matters, especially those related to reviewing old laws and decisions and what is related to the health sector and determining the dates for completion and implementation.

Member of Parliament Dr. Safwan al-Qirbi, said that the government’s statement could be a plan for long-term work.

Member of Parliament Hikmat Salam referred to the difficult conditions facing Syria under the economic blockade and unilateral coercive measures imposed on Syrians.

Salam indicated the role of transparent and clear media in following up the implementation of government work in the service of the country and citizens.

O. al-Mohammad