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Trump and Syria's oil

"Keep the oil, I've always said that. We've secured the oil", Trump told a police chief's conference on Monday-as if the oil were his to keep or secure. But Trump is fickle and his actions show no consistency. Only days after ordering American troops out of Syria to make way for the Turkish attack, he orders them back in again and Trump doesn't mince his words-He wants the oil under the pretext of protecting it from ISIS. However ISIS has been conquered according to Trump and Baghdadi at long last has been killed so who are the American troops "protecting" the oil from?

Trump is impudently stealing Syrian oil from a country with sovereignty and rights.

At a forum hosted by NBC in 2016 he says "We go in, we spend $3trillion, and we lose thousands and thousands of lives and then-what happens? We get nothing. You know it, it used to be to the victor belong the spoils". So all the talk of Trump protecting the oil is a fallacy. Nobody invited the U.S whether to Syria or Iraq. They came on their own as conquers and pillagers and as in the days of old looting everything on their way. Civilization and not the outer shell of it, but civilization in its moral and ethical concept has yet not arrived on Trump's footsteps'.

It is a war crime-stealing another country's goods-the worst kind of colonialism that a country could ever reach-but Trump is already there.

He then elaborates-he will call upon American energy companies like Exxon Mobil to work and drill there-on Syrian land that is.

Naturally Exxon Mobil and other energy companies issued no comment on this suggestion.

It is sad what Trump is doing to the American people for he is diligently working on earning them a bad reputation-he is deforming what they are most proud of-for they are proud of being viewed as leaders of the free world. There is nothing "free" in invading a country and then stealing its products and impoverishing its people.

President Trump you give freedom a bad name!


Reem Haddad