Sheikha Asia al-Mashi to ST: Syrian tribes and clans to fight alongside the Syrian army against Turkish occupation forces

In the coming stage, the Syrian tribes and clans in the northeastern region are to be hand-in-hand with the Syrian army in fighting against the Turkish occupation forces because the clans and tribes believe that no one defends the homeland except it’s sons, according to Sheikha Asia al-Mashi, the Deputy Director of the Popular Committee Office of Counter- Terrorism in Syria.

Sheikha al-Mashi told the Syriatimes e-newspaper that the tribes and clans in the northeast of Syria are aware of their key role in confronting the Turkish regime’s attack on the country and they are ready to play this role.

“The sons of the caliph Harun al-Rashid city [Raqqa], are looking forwards to the arrival of the Syrian army to all areas in Raqqa province. They have previously suffered at the hands of armed terrorist groups, ISIS terrorists, the separatist ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’ militia and US occupation forces,” she added.

Sheikha al-Mashi asserted that Raqqa’s residents know well that only the Syrian state can protect them and they love the Syrian army and its leader.

“Actually, the separatist militias in Raqqa are experiencing frustration and disappointment as the US occupier has abandoned them and Raqqa’s residents reject their plans to be separated from the Syrian state and to fragment the country,” she stressed, indicating that the province of Raqqa could be rebuilt in few years by its sons despite the huge destruction caused by the ongoing war on the country.

Raqqa province is wealthy in terms of natural resources and it has been completely destroyed by the US-led coalition under the pretext of fighting ISIS terrorists.

On April, 26, 2018, UN Assistant Secretary General Ursula Mueller said that an estimated 70-80 percent of all buildings inside Raqqa city are destroyed or damaged.

Sheikha al-Mashi pointed out that the events occurred in Syria have two effects. One of them is negative while the other is positive.

“The negative effect manifests in the destruction of infrastructure and the attack launched against the people. However, the positive one manifests in making the Syrian people aware of the conspiracies being hatched against them,” she clarified.

The Deputy Director of the Popular Committee Office of Counter- Terrorism, in addition, affirmed that the ISIS terrorists had not been accepted by Raqqa’s residents, otherwise they would remain in the province for a long time.

The ISIS terrorists had occupied Raqqa city for 3 years and half.

It is worth mentioning that the Syrian tribes and clans represent about 60% of Syrian social fabric.

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Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour