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Syrian constitutional war is not less important than military war

Is the Syrian constitutional committee, which was formed recently, the result of the Syrian State’s need to renew itself?

This question was answered by the Syrian researcher in political affairs Dr. Ahmad al-Derzi in an article published by the Damascus Center for Research and Strategic Studies  (DCRS).

Dr. al-Derzi said: “In spite of the urgent need of Syrians for a radical and quiet change in the Syrian structure – even before the eruption of the war on Syria- including the Syrian constitution, which has not been substantially amended in accordance with the Syrian state’s requirements and its sensitive geopolitical position, what is happening now as regards the forthcoming constitution of Syria does not stem from these needs. However, it reflects the continuity of regional and international conflict in Syria.”

“ More than 8 years have passed since the start of the war on Syria, whose end is not yet predictable, and despite the major victories achieved by Syria and its allies, it is clear that we are moving towards a new stage in the ongoing war- after the United States and its allies have realized that it is impossible to topple the Syria state through indirect military ways, and there should be different tracks to undermine Damascus’ regional role and to change its geopolitical position at least,” he added

The researcher asserted that the constitutional war is associated with military equations on the ground and regional and international situation, and  it has witnessed multiple tracks based on military changes- even at the level of Damascus’s main allies- Moscow and Tehran.

“Despite the differences between the future visions of the three capitals for the future of the Syrian state, whether it should be federalism or centralization, the three capitals agree on the main points being adopted by Syria These points are based on imposing Syria's complete sovereignty over all Syrian territories and rebuilding a strong centralized state which has a regional role that befits its geographical position. They can only be realized by presidential system with broad powers to manage the Syrian highly complicated diversity in society,” Dr. al-Derzi affirmed.

He indicated that Syria believes the 2012 Syrian constitution can reach that goal with making some essential amendments to improve the state’s internal and external role.

Political system

The states that led the war on Syria see the constitutional war as one of the main ways that could remove Syria from the position that makes it a link between three Asian projects- Eurasian, Chinese and the axis of Tehran-Damascus, which agree upon removing the U.S. from Asia continent. These states adopt a constitutional vision considering Syria as a ‘disputed region’ between regional and international powers, so they work on formulating a new constitution that allows changing the center of decision into pluralistic centers, that is to say a parliamentary system or a semi-presidential system. According to any of these two systems, Syria might turn into a political system based on religious, sectarian and nationalist quotas and this will allow particularly Turkey, the US and Saudi Arabia to intervene in parliamentary elections depending on the existence of areas under their control and hiring unexpected segments as well as the use of the card of refugees in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and the European Union.

Syria and its allies have managed to fix the bases of constitutional war by putting safety valve for avoiding the ambushes set by the states that seek to destroy Syria. They are aware of the fact that the constitutional war is not less important than the military war and it requires a long time to reach an agreement, and this will never happen before conveying the work of the formed constitutional committee to Damascus.

To sum up, the Syrian constitutional committee is a reflection of the balances of international and regional powers and its outcomes will be in line with these balances. 

Basma Qaddour