Ex-Turkish Deputy Prime Minister to ST: Syrian army’s recapture of Idleb will put Turkey under a great migration threat

The former Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Abdullatif Şener told the Syria Times e-newspaper that the Syrian army's recapture of Idleb means that millions of Syrians will migrate to Turkey.

He posed the following question: Do 3 million civilians live in Idleb currently? Is Turkey under a great migration threat?

“A new entry of refugees to Turkey will cause severe cost burden at economic and social levels,” Dr. Şener added, indicating that Idleb question is determined in Sochi and Astana talks.

He, in addition, reckons that Turkey will establish the so-called the ‘safe zone’ with the US inside Syria under the pretext of protecting itself from the PYD.

Asked about how long Turkish forces could stay in Syria, the ex-Deputy PM replied: “It can take a long time… I think if the US forces withdraw completely from Syria, the Turkish forces will withdraw.”

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour