Syrian officer to ST: Israel’s claims on its recent missile attack on Syria is a pretext to continue its attacks

Major General Mohammad Abbas has underscored that the Zionist entity’s claim of foiling a planned attack on it from Syria is nothing but a new pretext to go ahead with its attacks on Syria and to continue to support its proxy armies [terrorist groups] that are being defeated on the ground by Syrian army.

In a statement to the Syria Times e-newspaper, the officer made it clear that the other goal of the Zionist entity’s repeated attacks on Syria is to carry out a survey on parameters, coordinates and missile system in order to identify the frequency for using them as a data to be targeted if a new war erupts.

“The Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu is trying to convince his army and his new tools in the region – the so-called Arab NATO led by the US- that he can launch attacks from Beirut on Damascus, Baghdad and Yemen..  He, in addition, wants to say that he can take part in the Gulf water alliance,” the Major General added.

He described Netanyahu as a “cartoon tiger”, who tries to enlarge itself in the region.

 “My take is that the Zionist entity’s Prime Minister has liked the role of ‘Cartoon tiger’ and he is still betting on the myth that his entity is the major power in the region. However, he knows well that the national Syrian, Lebanese, Palestinian, Yemeni and Iraqi resistance as well as all forms of resistance are able to defeat this entity,” the officer asserted.

He concluded by saying that the biggest defeat for Israel will be when Syrian army destroys and eliminates all Israel’s proxy terrorist armies in Syria.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour