EPPA official calls on South Africa's president to visit Syria

Secretary General of Ex-Political Prisoners Association (EPPA) in South Africa Mr. Mpho Masemola held today talks with Syria's Ambassador to South Africa Mr. Onfonuan Naeb and his deputy Dr. Ali Muhra.

The talks focused  on the African Union's solidarity with Syria and the importance of lifting the unjust sanctions being imposed on it, according to a statement sent by Mr. Masemola  to the Syria Times e-newspaper.

The South African official indicated that the talks also dealt with the results of the recent visit made by the EPPA to Syria.

"It was a fruitful meeting. We proposed to the Syrian Ambassador that if the late President Nelson Mandela had visited Syria, why the current South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa doesn't do the same thing," Mr. Masemola said.

He pointed out that this proposal has been presented to the African National Congress.

"There is nothing wrong with visiting Syria. Nelson Mandela once said: American enemies are not our enemies. Syrian people are not our enemies, they are our friends because they were involved in South Africa 's liberation struggle," asserted Mr. Masemola, , who works for the Defense Ministry as a Director in the War Veterans directorate, Chief directorate of Human Resource (CDHR) a directorate that deals with the socio-economic affairs of War veterans and their dependents.


It is worth mentioning that the Ex- Robben Island Political Prisoners Veterans association, an association of all ex-political prisoners of SA, was founded with the advice and support of the beloved and late President Comrade Nelson Mandela in 1995, Cape Town at Robben Island or Makana Island as it is affectionately known among former prisoners.

The EPPA is a none profit organization which is anti-racism , anti-xenophobia and it also promotes Voter, leadership and Political education in communities: it represents men and women who fought against apartheid colonialism, these gallant fighters and veterans stood the test of time and passed through the eye of the needle because of their selfless sacrifices in the national democratic struggle in SA. They were incarcerated at Robben Island and other apartheid dungeons in SA.

The EPPA represents the diverse ideological viewpoint of all former liberation movements and depend mainly on donations to address the socio-economic problems that affect ex-political prisoners. The association has decided to organize a series of events in the year 2016 up to 2017, to celebrate the 23 years since the release of political prisoners. The association on its endeavor always briefs the president of the republic about its national and international political programs, unequivocally in support of the Palestinian State liberation struggle against Apartheid Zionism. The former deputy president and the president of the republic of SA are patrons of the association.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour