Dr. Mahdi Dakhlallah to ST: Syria eventually will return united

Member of the Baath Arab Socialist Party’s Regional Leadership Dr. Mahdi Dakhlallah has underscored that Syria eventually will unite and gain complete sovereignty over all its territories. 

He told Syria Times e-newspaper that the Turkish regime’s head Racep Tayyip Erdogan  can’t implement what he circulates through media outlets into action as regards his vow to establish a'safe’ zone and to carry out an operation east of the Euphrates river in northern Syria.

“Since the start of war on Syria, Erdogan has presented pretexts to occupy Syrian  territories and he has supported terrorism…What is being circulated by media is different from what is going on on the ground. There are many obstacles in the path of Erdogan’s ambitions. The Syrian state and army are the main obstacles,” Dr. Dakhlallah said. 

He pointed out that Idleb battle has started, but the major military offensive has great risks. 

“The Syrian state hopes to reach a political solution for  Idleb to avoid massive destruction and the martyrdom of huge number of civilians,” the official added, asserting that preserving Syria’s unity is the main basis of all talks. 

As for the new strategy of the Baath Arab Socialist Party, Dr. Dakhlallah clarified that the party addresses society and shares all its  problems. “We are working on enhancing the culture of dialogue”. 

He concluded by saying: “The battle is still going on. It is difficult and includes a lot of contradictions.” 

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour & Raghda Sawas