Syrian MP to ST: There is no other choice but to launch a large-scale operation to liberate Idleb from terrorists

The Syrian Member of Parliament Safwan Qurabi has underscored that Idleb file represents a mixture between warfare and policy and it could be called a ‘postponed battle’- from a military perspective, but it is هinevitable.

He told the Syriatimes e-newspaper that it is difficult to liberate through policy a large area that includes different groups of terrorists, who have been military and intellectually prepared by the intelligence agencies of Syria’s enemies.

 “This operation requires professionalism, intelligence and strength at the same time… Any gain that could be made without the shedding of blood is a gain. But according to our analysis, we have no other choice but to launch a large-scale operation to liberate Idleb due to the existence of extremist terrorists , who came to Syria just to die,” the MP said.  

He believes that Turkish silence will make the liberation of Idleb easy for the Syrian state and its allies.

“Syria’s friends are trying to buy Turkey’s silence and to convince it to re-organize the regional situation peacefully for the benefit of all countries, and to return to Adana agreement which is being amended to take the interests of all countries into consideration,” Qurabi stressed.

He added that that Russia and Iran are trying to convince Turkey that it is in the eye of the US storm and it will pay a high price in the future if it does not go along with regional compatibility.  

“They [Russia and Iran] hope that the current arrogant and irrational Turkish regime will listen to their advice and they insist on exerting every possible effort to convince it,” the parliamentarian clarified, indicating that despite slow progress at these attempts, there are good indicators for the possibility of witnessing -in the near future- changes in Tukey’s behavior- even if that happened behind the curtain.

“Moving and liberation by fire”

Moreover, Qurabi affirmed that the recent military operations carried out by Syrian army on the outskirts of Idleb province broke the terrorist groups’ solid wall and created a social environment opposing the thought and behavior of the armed terrorist groups.

“Actually, the operations have caused a rift between the Syrian persons living in Idleb province on the one hand and the armed terrorist groups and the Turks on the other. My take is that this rift was clear, so we witnessed unprecedented alert and participation by the Turkish regime in the recent military operations. Add to that, the Russian involvement in the operations was at a very high level and for the first time there was a Turkish-Russian clash behind the curtain on the outskirt of the province [Idleb].”

The MP described the patience of Syria with the Turkish regime as the patience of prophet Ayyoub .

“Turkey puts off the implementation of its Sochi commitments that guarantee the return of large area peacefully and friendly under the patronage of the guarantor countries. Turkey has signed the deal reached on Idleb but it still procrastinating and fabricating pretexts,” Qurabi, whose hometown is Idleb, stated.

He indicated that “Moving and liberation by fire” is the title of the recent military operations carried out in Hama countryside on the outskirts of Idleb in order to secure the areas that were under terror rocket attacks and to liberate some strategic points. 

“The military operation is a ‘rolling operation’ in accordance with the facts on the ground . Syria was following up regional and world reactions towards the liberation of Idleb and the possibility of expanding the military operations,” Qurabi said.

He underlined that the decision of liberating Idleb was taken by the axis of Syria’s friends, especially in the light of Ankara’s current policy in the north of Syria.

“Turkey seeks to put down roots for a long term in the Syrian region through making the Turkish language popular in the northern side of Syria and keeping this cultural effect there after the departure of the Turkish occupation forces from the area. It wants the Syrian people who learn the Turkish language to be Turkey’s mouthpiece in Syria,” the MP added.

He concluded by saying: “Idleb will definitely be recaptured by the Syrian state but we may disagree on the number of talks and military operations to reach this goal.”

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Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour