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British analyst to ST: Meticulous enforcement of the siege of Syria constitutes a crime against humanity

British political analyst Dr. Marcus Papadopoulos has asserted that the British are aiming to continue the West's war on Syria through their “meticulous enforcement of the siege of Syria”, which, he contends, constitutes a crime against humanity.

Dr Papadopoulos told the Syriatimes e-newspaper that: “The UK Government has been rigorous in enforcing the siege on Syria and its people, while, simultaneously, the British authorities have played an instrumental role in facilitating the arrival of jihadists, including British ones, and weapons to Syria in order to wage a merciless war against the Syrian people.” 

"Through their meticulous enforcement of the siege of Syria, which, incidentally, constitutes a crime against humanity, the British are aiming to continue the West's war on Syria, limit the capacity of the Syrian military to liberate Idlib from pro-Western terrorist forces which are currently occupying this region, and restrict the ability of the Syrian economy to recover from the dire effects of the war so as to keep Syria vulnerable to the malicious ambitions of the West and its regional allies, such as Turkey, Israel and Saudi Arabia", Dr. Papadopoulos added.

On behalf of America

He believes that the British intercepted the Iranian oil tanker “in part to increase tension with Iran on behalf of America, which the UK slavishly follows.”

Dr. Papadopoulos argued that: "The Iranians need to be mindful of that because if Tehran were to take direct action of some kind against Britain, such as intercepting a British ship in the Persian Gulf, then the Trump administration would, undoubtedly, use this as a pretext for military action against Iran, most probably a limited cruise missile strike.  Alas, my view is that Iran should not respond with actions to what is clearly a British provocation."

The analyst, in addition, pointed out that Britain “would not dare to intercept a Russian ship heading for Syria!”

"I will use the Iranian oil tanker incident as an opportunity to tell people in the UK that Iran plays a very major role in helping the Syrian people to rid themselves of the cancer that is American and British-backed Wahhabi terrorism and ensure that secular, multi-cultural Syria, where churches and mosques stand side-by-side, continues to live indefinitely", Dr. Papadopoulos concluded.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour