Dr. Ibrahim Alloush to ST: Israel’s repeated missile attacks against Syria are an attempt to compensate for its strategic weakness

Since the beginning of this year [2019], the Zionist enemy [Israel] has carried out 14 terroristic missile attacks against several areas in Damascus, Damascus’s countryside, Homs, Quneitra, Daraa and Hama as a result of which many persons were martyred and dozens were wounded, according to the news published by the Syrian News Agency in this regard.

The news also affirmed that the terroristic missile attacks were countered by Syrian Air Defenses that downed most of the missiles before reaching their goals.

To shed light on the political gains the Israeli enemy makes by its repeated attacks against Syria and how Syria can counter their effects, Syriatimes interviewed the Arab political intellectual and University of Damascus economist Dr. Ibrahim Alloush.

In response to the first question on the political gains (Israel) stands to achieve by its repeated aggression on Syria, the political intellectual said:

“The repeated aggression, which targets the alleged Iranian military buildup in Syria, makes Israel seems like it has the ability to operate wherever it wants in the Arab World undeterred.  It makes Netanyhu look like a “hero” internally.It also shores up the morale of takfiri terrorists in Syria who have lost a great deal of ground in recent years.”

 There are further gains for these Zionist attacks such as: Impeding the ability of the Syrian Arab Army to operate freely to the west of the Euphrates and weakening the morale of supporters of the state inside and outside of Syria as well as keeping the Lebanese airspace violated daily to strengthen the opponents of the axis of resistance within Lebanon, according to Dr. Alloush.

But the most important political goal in his opinion is tempting Syria to engage in a major war with "Israel" in the midst of several major wars in Syria, which could set back Syria behind to 2013, should such a war break out and should the Syrian Arab Army, as a result, lose the ability to roam freely in Syria on several fronts.

“Syria should NOT be drawn into a premature response to such Zionist attacks, which are, in effect, a red herring, especially since their strategic impact on the field of operations, so far, is minuscule,” the political intellectual said in his response to a question about how Syria can counter the effects of these Zionist terror attacks.

The Zionist military’s weak point for over a decade has become the ground

On the other hand, he believes that the aggression’s psychological impact, in this age of communications and open media, is much more significant. 

“Let us remind ourselves that the so-called "Israeli Defense Army" has long ago lost the ability to launch invasions and ground wars, the last of which was really the invasion of Lebanon in 1982.  Even then, there was the siege of Beirut for several months, and the Battle of Sultan Yacoub with the Syrian Arab Army, where the advance of Zionist invaders was grounded to a halt.  Since then, the Zionists have had to withdraw from South Lebanon in the year 2000 under the weight of the Lebanese resistance.  They have had to withdraw from Gaza in 2005.  They failed to achieve any significant advances in the botched invasion of Lebanon in 2006.  They have repeatedly failed to bring down Gaza in 2008/2009, 2012, and 2014.”

Many surprises may be unleashed which the Zionists never expected

Dr. Alloush asserted that the weak point of the Zionist military for over a decade has become the ground. “The Zionist military’s perceived point of strength remains the air.  So my humble suggestion is that Syria should respond to these Zionist escapades from the air with what it used to do best before 2011: supporting the resistance against Zionists on the ground, without any direct involvement on the part of the Syrian Arab Army.”

He sees that after the liberation of every inch of Syrian territory occupied by foreign power-backed armed gangs, from Idlib to Eastern Euphrates, and after defeating those cronies of Turkey, the USA, and Zionists, which is a game-changer from a strategic perspective, and when the time comes to repel Zionist attacks on Syria, according to Syria's and not "Israel's" agenda, many surprises may be unleashed which the Zionists never expected.

Dr. Alloush concluded by saying that the repeated Zionist terror attacks are compensation for its strategic weakness.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour